Deakin University,Australia Scholarships For Doctorate of Philosophy PhD Scholarship

The main aim of Deakin University Australia Scholarships is to provide the opportunities to the students for higher education. This program offers wide range of scholarships based on academic excellence. This scholarship will help the students in various fields including accommodation and education field. This scholarship will help the students in their financial assistance which will integrate its learning as well as mentoring opportunities. This Scholarship is available for both Indian and International students.

Benefits of these Scholarships are:

  • It provides Financial  help to the students in case of accommodation and study field
  • It is also useful for those students who are not able to continue their higher studies.
  • Students having the problem of Disability.
  • Students from poor financial background.
  • Students from regional and rural background.
  • Students having the mature age problems.

Deakin University Australia Scholarships is for PhD programs which is offered to Indian students which highlights some of the important features like

  • PhD programs have 100 % scholarships.
  • Earning the stipend of Rs 20000 per annum acts as a supportive mode to the students.
  • The  total worth of this Scholarship goes around by 150000
  • This Scholarship provides the living support to the students maximum for 3.5 years goes to a certain amount of 70000
  • Also provides 100%tution fees which come to total amount of 84000.
  • Total numbers of scholarships are 25
  • They go for the best students who have performed well in academics.

Eligibility of Deakin University Australia Scholarships

  • To apply for the Scholarships students must have complete 16 years of study from the recognized institute including schooling period, graduate period, and post graduate period or also engaged in some other degree.
  • Throughout the academic career, students should at least scored 75% marks
  • The student should also have some experience in research work.

Main Criteria for Students Selection

Criteria for students selection includes

1)A detailed CV in which each and every thing is mentioned regarding academic marks from 10 onwards along with the scanned documents of all mark sheets along with important documents like:-

a) Pass Certificate of 10th class along with the proof of date of birth.
b) Mark sheet and pass certificate of 12th class along with High School Clearance criterion.
c) Comprehensive Mark sheet along with the Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree is required to calculate the percentage which is mentioned in the application form of Scholarship.
d) Passport size photograph which is to be scanned.
e) Research proposal with appropriate topic mentioned in about minimum 300 words.

All the necessary details should reached to the concerned person for Scholarship before the mentioned date present in the application form.

On the other hand the Scholarships for international students includes

Australian Development Scholarship

This Scholarship is offered to those students are the engaged for full time study in Australia for all the courses including undergraduate, postgraduate and technical degree. This Scholarship also covers the return air ticket, along with other expenses in study, health insurance and living allowance.

Australian Leadership Awards

This Scholarship will grab more students as they undertake the special features of training them along with their study in their research work plan.

Endeavour Study includes

Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarship

This Scholarship is for those international students who undertake their research degree in Australia. This scholarship will include Tuition fees along with living insurance and health insurance.

Endeavour Post Graduate Awards

This award is for those students who undertake a Higher Degree in Australia. This is for 3 years duration, along with semester of English training session which is additional in it.

Endeavour Asia Awards

This award is those for students who continue their degree in their home country.

Along with These awards there are also other Categories of awards which includes Endeavour Research award which help the students in undertaking their research work. Other one is Endeavour Professional award which is specially design for the purpose of professional development.

Other Scholarships in International

International Scholarships for Students in India