National Academy of Education / Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship

Scholarship For:

Research in Abroad.

Scholarship Field:

Complicated areas of education.

Scholarship Sponsor:

National Academy of Education/ Spencer.

The National Academy of Education/ Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship was established in1986 by the National Academy of Education (NAEd) with a grant from the Spencer Foundation. From the day of its foundation NAEd emphasizes to conduct research studies that address pressuring, controversial and sensitive issues which need to be deciphered with extreme cautious in education NAEd aspires to enhance and make significant scholarly contribution in the field of education and develop the careers of the recipients. The foundation focuses on rigorous preparation of the next generation of scholars.

Eligibility for National Academy of Education/ Spencer Post Doctoral Fellowship:

  • Race, religion, gender, national origin, physical disability, sexual orientation is not an impediment for the applicants to seek for this grant.
  • Applicant should have received their Ph D, Ed D, or equivalent research degree from any part of the nation and should have received his/her recent degree within five years of the proposed date to avail this scholarship.
  • Scholarship is offered to candidates who show enthusiasm and passion in unearthing in the complicated areas of education and immense hark work and fidelity to become an excellent next generation scholars

Value for National Academy of Education/ Spencer Post Doctoral Fellowship:

  • The program is aspired to enhance the teaching expertise and research capabilities requires in the modification of prevailing technique of education.
  • Research Scholars get the benefit of $55,000 per year which is assumed as salary replacement and covering other research expenses mentioned in the project. Scholars should not accept any other aid in the support of their proposed research during grant period
  •  The scholars who are working on half time basis get the benefit of $27,500 for two consecutive years.
  • The value of National Academy of Education/Spencer Fellowship is that it provides its candidates a golden opportunity to develop professional retreats with other fellows and NAEd members during the program
  • Candidates get the advantage of one year’s teaching leave during the fellowship term. Foundation has given aid to more than 680 postdoctoral fellows and expects it to be 700 by the end of this fellowship year.

Duration for National Academy of Education/ Spencer Post Doctoral Fellowship:

Scholarship is granted for a period of 1 year for full time scholars and 2 years for those who are doing it on half time basis.

How to Apply for National Academy of Education/ Spencer Post Doctoral Fellowship:

National Academy of Education/ Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship:

  •  Applicants should submit a resume or curriculum vitae with a demonstrated record of research experience in the field of education.
  • The proposed project should be an educational research project.
  • Selection of the candidate is made by a committee of NAEd members.
  • The experts of the committee thoroughly examines the applicant’s past record, career trajectory in the education research, and the quality of the project described in the application.
  •  Experts of committee selects 20 candidates for this grant every year.

Deadline for the submission of application for the post doctoral fellowship is by 5th of November.

Contact Address :

National Academy of Education,
500 Fifth Street NW, #333,
Washington,DC 20001.
E-Mail: E-mail
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