Harvard University Centre Italian Renaissance

Harvard University Centre Italian Renaissance scholarship:

Harvard University Centre Italian Renaissance Studies Scholarships are sponsored by the Harvard University Centre Italian Renaissance studies Villa I Tatti which offers 15 Scholarships in academic year. This Scholarship is granted on advanced research in studies of Italian renaissance. All the candidates joined the community of scholars with different countries and working together in methodological approaches. It is administrated by Harvard University Centre Italian Renaissance Studies.

The students who are availing the benefit of this scholarship are due to the efforts of Berenson who was a great critic of Renaissance, who had stayed in Villa I Tatti which have outskirts of Florence. Berenson was a devotee scholar who has granted collections of books, along with the photographs and the most important is his estate for the creation of art to Harvard University, he has taken this decision for the scholars who will carry out their research work related to human values and civilization fields.

Main role for Harvard University Centre Italian Renaissance scholarship:

The main aim of this university is to develop the understanding of the Italian Renaissance, in order to exchange their ideas, which is thus helpful in creating an environment for writing and research work. Villa I Tatti is situated in Florence, which is situated in Italy; the candidates who come to this university provided a proper place to study, and was allowed to use Biblioteca and Fototeca Berenson in an extensive level. Along with other privileges they will get the facility of lunch on weekdays and they will also provide an opportunity to meet the scholars of the different countries who are carrying their research work in the related field.

Benefits for Harvard University Centre Italian Renaissance scholarship:

This scholarship will pay maximum stipend of $5000o which will also include a supplements towards relocation expenses. Many apartments in Tatti property are available for candidates. There are also apartments booked for the families who come down to study in this university. All the apartments for the students are rent free but they all are charged against the utilities provided to them.

Application Procedure for Harvard University Centre Italian Renaissance scholarship:

Harvard university pays more attentions on the students Curriculum-Vitae, the project which he is undertaken and weather it is yielding original result or not. This Scholarship is granted to those candidates who are opted for doing post doctoral research work in Italian Renaissance, they must be conversant in English and Italian also able to understand both languages. For this Scholarship applications will receive for the candidates who are also working on the circulations and of ideas, objects and people during Renaissance.

For the applications regarding scholarship program, it is important for the candidates to carry out their research work in Florence with the adequate amount of resources available with I Tatti. Applicants should inform the university about the project details which relates to their work which was previously taken by them and in this preference is given to the best candidates who present the real picture of the scholarship excluding extra polishing in research work.

Candidates are also expected to spend 3- 4 days in a week to Villa, and they should also not engage in any types of teaching obligations and also not go for part time jobs during their scholarship year.

Application form along with important documents should be send to the Address mentioned in the application form. The applications thus includes

  • A complete scholarship application form.
  • Short and sweet Curriculum-Vitae which not include many pages.
  • Project details which should be of 1500 words.
  • Photocopy of the doctoral certificate.

Students can also apply online application for the Scholarship program. But they need not to be sending any hard copy relating to the project, it will send directly to them by following all the instructions mentioned in the online application form.

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