Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Fallowship

Scholarship For:

Research in abroad.

Scholarship Field:

social or natural science, humanity.

Scholarship Sponsor:

Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation.

Eligibility For Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Fellowships:

The scholarship provided by the foundation is doing a commendable work by promoting the research scholars in social and natural science, humanities who can analyze the underlying reasons that compel the human beings to resort to barbaric violence and aggression. The scholars conduct their research in war and conflict between 2 countries, states, families. The research scholars also delve profoundly in the psyche of the children and analyze the turmoil and the sense of deprivation they experience in this world of nuclear family and cut throat competition. The trend of augmentation of teen-age violence throughout the world is thoroughly examined by the research scholars availing the scholarship.

The research scholars are instrumental in sensitizing the mankind to the aftermath of violence and aggression. Funds provided by Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Fellowships An amount of $ 15000 to $ 30000 is awarded to candidates who wish to pursue their Post Doctoral programs . The other 10 programs of Dissertation sanction an amount of $ 15000 to the students who are pursuing their Doctoral program. The candidate opting for the scholarship shall have to send the application to the Director mentioning the educational qualification, research areas, future plans to conduct the research. The letter from the research advisor shall also be enclosed along with the afore-mentioned details.

How to Apply For Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Fellowships:

Applications shall have to sent by 1st February and the final verdict for selection is made in the month of June. The award program begins in the month of September.

Address of Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation

The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation,
25 West 53rd Street ,
New York , 10019-5401
Phone: (646) 428-0971
Fax: (646) 428-0981

Scholarship Website:www.hfg.org

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