Golden Key Study Abroad Scholarship

Scholarship For:

Degree in abroad.

Scholarship Field:

Respective fields of study.

Scholarship Sponsor:

Golden Key International Honour Society, Atlanta, U.S.A

Golden Key International Honour Society, one of the worlds leading collegiate honor society, was founded on 29th of November 1977. Foundation has given supportive aid to more than 2 million members of more than 190 countries who have been acknowledged at over 375 chapters at college and universities. The whole ethos of dynamic and forward thinking Golden Key Honour Society is promising altruistic service and excellent and recognizing academic achievements. This nonprofit society is well known for its diversity and international presence and offers up to $ 6, 00,000 annually through different scholarships and award programs. The Society never forgets to award its members for their stupendous performance in academics, leadership, and service. The society offers 15 different scholarship programs, out of which the Chapter under graduate is one.

Eligibility for the Golden Key Study Abroad Scholarship:

  • Candidate must be undergraduate, graduate or post graduate and currently enrolled in a study abroad program or will be enrolled immediately after the granting of the award.
  • Applicant should be a member of Golden Key Society.
  • Applicant should have zest and passion to take advantage of the opportunity he/she may achieve.
  • Applicant should have a mind set to study, absorb, illustrate, and gain knowledge from the culture and other societal diagram of another nation.

Value of Scholarship Golden Key Study Abroad Scholarship:

  • Students get a chance to travel and experience amazing locations, meet and interact new people of different background, learn about their culture and society.
  • Immersed living in another country helps them to broaden their perspective.
  • Experience a different language and then attain proficiency in a foreign language is also very exciting.
  • Candidate gets the benefit of experience, knowledge, and education from the professors and lecturers of host country.
  • Every year ten deserving students are offered a financial assistance of $ 1,000 in the study abroad program.

Three candidates will be selected from those whose form will reach the office by the 15th of October and rest seven will be awarded to the candidates whose form will reach by the 1st of April.

How to Apply Golden Key Study Abroad Scholarship:

Golden Key Study Abroad Scholarship is independent of the other programs of Golden Key International Honour Society and is given out according to the pre-determined criteria of different campus by the end of each chapter. Every year the leader of each chapter selects the winner. The formal application for the scholarship should be in English and should reach the office within the fixed deadline. Application must satisfy the following criteria:

  • A brief description of the academic program he/she is planning to have in the host university.
  • A concise statement of the relevance of this program to the degree written by the applicant
  • Candidate’s confirmation of enrollment in the program
  • A current and comprehensive official transcript.

Contact Address for Study Abroad Scholarship:

The Scholarship Coordinator
Golden Key International Honour Society
P.O. Box 23737 T N 37202-3737

Contact Address for Golden Key International Honour Society:

International Headquarters: (USA & Canada)
621 North Avenue,NE,Suite C-100
Atlanta,GA 30308
Phone: (Toll free): 800-377-2401
Phone: 404-377-2400
Fax: 678-420-6757

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