Auckland International Scholarships For Indian Students Scholarships

Auckland International Scholarships is the famous school which is on the top of the world, which offers education of a top quality to every student from 13 years.Auckland International Scholarships is famous for its high standards on academic term and also expanding the brilliant students in a good path which is helpful for them to grow them intellectually. Auckland International Scholarships includes best IB qualifications which is recognized and respected by all students who are based on international grounds. It provides the good education which leads to pathway of the students to the world class university.

Main Features of Auckland International Scholarships includes:-

  • Academic term- Schools aims to provide good educations which have been excellent in academic term.
  • EncouragementSchools encourages the students to go through and respect their own culture along with the cultures of others.
  • Pathways Schools aims to provide better pathways to the students, for moving it to world class universities.
  • Benefits Schools develops open minded adults along with caring and balanced one, they also help the students by learning more rather than one language.
  • Giving leadershipProvides the facility of leadership to global community in future terms.

Auckland International Scholarships provides

  • Scholarship for International students
  • Scholarship for Indian students

Scholarship for International students

Students who are studying in the University of Auckland are entitled to receive a wide range of scholarships on international grounds.Auckland Scholarships includes:-

  • The University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarships is established in the year 2011. The main intension of providing this scholarship is to encourage and support students in both domestic and international terms, which are paying domestic fees in order study in university.
  • The University of Auckland Commonwealth Scholarships is established for those students who are the citizens of Commonwealth including British, Canadian and Australian citizens for the study of Doctorate degree or degree of doctor of philosophy. The maximum tenure of PhD candidate is 36 months and for masters one is 21 months.
  • The University of Auckland Fulbright Scholarships is established in order to encourage the candidates who are selected for Fulbright awards for the study of the post graduate degree. This Awards is a supportive mode for the candidates only for first year, and these awards are intended to complete rest of the years.

University of Auckland grants Scholarships for both Under Graduate programmes and Post Graduate Programmes.

Scholarship for Indian students

Auckland International College along with the Times Group’s youth centric publication Education times in 2009 has struck an alliance they will provide a good opportunity to Indian students who are in merit list for acquiring global education.

Eligibility for Indian students is:-

  • Students scoring 70% marks in Science and Mathematics in 9th and 10th grade in preliminary or final examinations.
  • Students who have appeared for CBSC, ICSE ,SSC or other recognized board for their 10th grade examinations
  • Students who are pursuing their 11th grade in the current year from a College which is affiliated to the University Of Mumbai.
  • These Scholarships are open for those students are currently based in Mumbai.

How Selection of Candidate is made?

  • By overall looking their academic records.
  • How much marks is obtained in mathematics and English written test which is scheduled for selection process.
  • Personal interview with the managing committee from Auckland International College for scholarships.

Scholarship fully paid includes Tuition fees and Accommodation fees and partly paid includes only tuition fees. In case students are selected then they will also have to bear transportation cost from Mumbai to Auckland.

University of Auckland also grants scholarships to international students from specific countries like Arthington Davy Scholarship is a private funded scholarship which is granted to those students who study and research for the benefits of Kingdom of Tonga and CSC scholarship (China Scholarship council) along with university of Auckland scholarship grants scholarship to Chinese students to study for PhD degree.

Other Scholarships in International

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