List of International Scholarships

International Scholarship

International scholarships help the aspirants as a financial help to make best out of there career. The financial aid is provided to the aspirants in the form of scholarship at different level of education such as Graduate, Post graduate, doctorate or post doctorate level. Since the fee for higher studies day by day is increasing, instead of being a brilliant candidate its not possible for some candidates to go for higher studies, University and colleges offer scholarships and grants to international students which makes the dream study abroad a easier task and make there best career. Here the international scholarships act has a tool for them to pursue higher studies. International scholarships are meant for individual development. However, through which overall development of the country is reached.

Schools, Institutes and companies want to give you money

Its True, scholarship gained by the successful student may gain the reputation o f the institutes, create productive representative of that institute and he can be hired by the best employers of the top companies...

Go ahead in the life and make ever best career, Never be shy.Just hit the apply

Study abroad Dream Comes True through International scholarship....

If the candidate is from the financially sound family then the study abroad dream will come true!!! No doubt

But what about the candidate who is an outstanding performer in studies and whose dream is to study aboard but one thing he is lacking is that he doesnt have funds to make his higher studies aboard, here international scholarship is the source for such candidates. Generally, Scholarships are offered to the merit students in the fields of study such as sport, performing art and so on. Some aspirants who are into merit list or if they achieve certain standard grade may automatically get other may directly apply through an institution or an awarding body.

Some scholarships will only cover the fees and study material whereas other scholar ships purely cover the fees, accommodation and living expenses. Apart from the financial help it provides a better job, since the scholarship is an achievement employers get impressed with candidates who won the scholarship they may feel you were worth investing in.

Goals setting to get a good scholarship What You Need To Do?

Just adhere to the below line which might be very helpful in achieving the scholarship.

  • Ensure that no waste of time in unnecessary activities be serious about the career work hard, Just study getSome higher grades and better chance of getting scholarship.
  • Extra curricular activities are very important join sports team, become a part of choir, anything which shows your skills Time management, Communication, Team work, Creativity etc. improve your skills since it shows your skills it helps you when you are applying.
  • Be a leader as one need to be efficient and effective enough, which acts as a tool to be a future leader.

"Following is the list of International scholarships. All International scholarships are divided into fields wise. To view International scholarship in a particular field, then hit on the link of that field. The number of scholarships in any particular field will be mentioned in front of the link. If you come across any International scholarship which is missing in our mentioned list below, please do let us know by using add in list which is default in our website.

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S.No Scholarship Name
1 IFUW International Awards  Details 
2 Sigma Theta Tau Grants  Details 
3 Salford University Postgraduate Scholarship  Details 
4 Navtej Kohli Scholarship  Details 
9 Deakin University,Australia Scholarships For Doctorate of Philosophy PhD  Details 
10 Scholarship University of Melbourne  Details 
11 The University Of Newcastle Australia Research Scholarships For Indian Students  Details 
12 Elizabeth Green shields Foundation Grants  Details 
13 Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowships  Details 
15 Harvard University Centre Italian Renaissance  Details 
16 Auckland International Scholarships For Indian Students  Details 
17 Norwegian Govt. Scholarships from External Scholarship Division, MHRD  Details 
18 University of Salford International Scholarships  Details 
19 Scotland's Saltire Scholarships  Details 
20 Hamilton College Scholarships  Details 
21 University of Salford Postgraduate South Asia Bursary Scheme 11111  Details 
22 Scholarship in Harvard University Center  Details 
23 GotChosen $1000 Every Month Scholarship  Details 
24 UK-based Loughborough University announces attractive scholarships for Civil and Building Engineering courses  Details 
25 Engineering scholarships for women  Details 
26 Ameila Earhart Fellowship Awards  Details 
27 Global Studies Grants to Support the Study of International Affairs  Details 
28 John T. Petters Scholarship  Details 
29 Kurt Weil Foundation Grants  Details 
30 CAORC Multi Country Research Fellowship Program for Advanced Multi Country Research  Details 
31 Soros Reproductive Health and Rights Fellowship  Details 
32 The Population Council's Social Science Fellowship Program  Details 
33 Youth for Understanding International Exchange (YFU) Scholarships  Details 
34 USAID Fellows Program  Details 
35 Johns Hopkins University Health and Child Survival Fellows Program (HCSFP):  Details 
36 Population Leadership Program(PLP) conducted by Public Health Institute:  Details 
37 University of Michigan Population Fellows Program (POPF):  Details 
38 Ambassadorial Scholarships of the Rotary Foundation  Details 
39 Association for Women in Science (AWIS) - Kirsten R Lorenzen Awards  Details 
40 Charles B Rangel International Affairs Graduate Fellowships  Details 
41 Economic History Association Grants and Fellowships  Details 
42 Association for Women in Science (AWIS) - pre-doctoral awards  Details 
43 Mellon Fellowship for Dissertation Research in Original Sources  Details 
44 The Children's Foundation Scholarships  Details 
45 UNESCO- L' Oreal Co-Sponsored Fellowship for Young Women in Life Sciences  Details 
46 Golden Key Study Abroad Scholarship  Details 
47 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Pilot and Feasibility award  Details 
48 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Research Grants  Details 
49 Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Fellowships  Details 
50 IES Merit Based Scholarships  Details 
51 Jeffery P. La Fage Graduate Student Research Award  Details 
52 Leakey Foundation Grants  Details 
53 National Academy of Education/ Spencer Post Doctoral Fellowship  Details 
54 Phi Kappa Phi Society Study abroad grants  Details 
55 The Howard Chapnic Grant  Details 
56 The Marion Wright Edelman Scholarship, Lisle Scholarship  Details 
57 Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships  Details 
58 Luce Scholars Program  Details 
59 The American Society of Travel Agents Scholarships  Details 
60 Whitaker International Fellows and Scholars Program  Details 
61 Institute of Current World Affairs(ICWA) -Target-of -Opportunity Fellowship  Details 
62 The Harvard University Centre for Italian Renaissance Studies Fellowships  Details 
63 Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Fellowships  Details 
64 Fulbright Scholarship  Details 
65 Amelia Earhart Fellowships  Details 
66 American Society of Travel Agents Scholarship  Details 
67 CAROC Multi Country Research Fellowship Program for Advanced Multi Country Research  Details 
68 Children’s Foundation Scholarship  Details 
69 Health and Child Survival Fellows Program  Details 
70 Howard Chapnic Grant  Details 
71 Jeffery P. LaFage Graduate Student Research Award  Details 
72 John T Petters Scholarship  Details 
73 UNESCO-L’OREAL Co- Sponsored Fellowships  Details 
74 Awis Kirsten R Lorenzen Awards  Details 
75 Awis Pre Doctoral Awards-For the Benefit of Women  Details Protection Status

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