Indian Council of Historical Research Contingency Grant

Scholarship For:

Research in India.

Scholarship Field:

Historical Research.

Scholarship Sponsor:

Indian Council of Historical Research.

Eligibility Indian Council of Historical Research Contingency Grant:

  • Candidates engaged in M.Phil, Ph.D. or post-doctoral work or carrying on independent research in History and who do not receive any travel or contingency grant for the same might apply.
  • The Indian Council of Historical research Contingency Grants helps in perusing the research on history of India and gives an award to the Indian citizen or to the foreign national people.
  • University and college teachers and members of staff of research institutions and others who are engaged in research work in History can also apply for the Indian Council of Historical Research Contingency Grants.
  • Such applications should normally be routed through the institutions where the candidate has registered for research.

How to Apply Indian Council of Historical Research Contingency Grant :

  • Actual cost of rail / bus fare limited to first class/II AC fare from the place of ordinary residence of the scholar to the place of research and back.
  • Daily allowance for a maximum period of 90 days at the rates allowed by the institution of affiliation, if the recipient is employed there, or Rupees one hundred and fifty (Rs. 150) a day, if not employed.
  • A maximum sum of Rupees Five Hundred (Rs. 500) may be allowed per month up to a maximum period of 90 days for local conveyance of the scholar.
  • The total cost of books purchased out of Contingency Grant made under the provisions of shall not exceed the sum of Rupees two thousand (Rs. 2,000).
  • An additional sum of rupees five hundred (Rs. 500) shall be paid to the recipient of the grant in excess of the sanctioned amount of grant, upon receipt of the said thesis, dissertation or monograph, as lump sum payment for any expenses incurred in providing a copy thereof to the ICHR.


Indian Council of Historical Research
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New Delhi 110 001,
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