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Scholarship for Non Hindi speaking is provided to those students who are from other states, who are not able to speak Hindi. The main objective of providing this scholarship is give adequate knowledge about Hindi which is very essential. This scholarship is granted for post-matric studies in the subject of Hindi. This scholarship is offered to the students who are in 11th class till Ph.D courses. There are some necessary documents required for a particular year before Granting scholarship to different individuals.

Eligibility Criteria for Scholarships Non Hindi Speaking :

  • This scholarship is granted to those individual whose mother tongue is Non-Hindi or belongs to Non-Hindi speaking states.
  • This scholarship is not granted to those candidates who are from Non-Hindi states but residing in Hindi Speaking states, and also to those candidates who have been awarded with scholarship under Hindi speaking states.
  • Candidates who are working part time or full time is not eligible for scholarship unless State or union territory administration sponsored them.
  • Candidates who hold bachelors degree will also not eligible for scholarship unless they are doing post graduation ,MA taking Hindi as the main subjects.
  • Candidates who are from those universities which do not conduct courses like MA examinations are not eligible for scholarship.
  • A candidate who are doing MA and has taken Hindi as the main subject will be granted scholarship.
  • Candidates who are preparing for private examinations and those who are doing some correspondence courses will not eligible for scholarship.
  • This scholarship is in a form of incentive which is used in studying Hindi, so candidates will not receive any kind of scholarship from other scheme.

Selection Procedure for Scholarships Non Hindi Speaking :

  • Candidates who are from non-speaking states will be selected to for this scholarship.
  • Candidates who have passed the next below examination which will also be considered as a minimum requirement to apply for this scholarship.
  • Only those candidates are eligible for scholarship that have been cleared the next below examination in Hindi as one of the main subjects.
  • Those candidates who have passed the next below examination in first attempt will be eligible for scholarship.

Rate of scholarship

  • The rate of scholarship for 11th and 12th class will be Rs 300 per month.
  • The rate of scholarship for bachelor�s degree is Rs 500 per month.
  • The rate of scholarship for Post graduate course in MA and M.litt is Rs 1000 per month.

Application procedure for Scholarships Non Hindi Speaking :

Application should contain the following documents including

  • Copy of application for scholarship for the current year.
  • One passport size photograph with signature.
  • One copies of all certificates with the attested ones.
  • Candidates who are applying for scholarship must ensure that they belong to particular states.
  • The application which is supplied by the non-Hindi states will be submitted.
  • The application form should be submitted to concerned authority which has been prescribed; if the application form is submitted to any other authority will not be considered.
  • Applications should be complete in all respects and should be submitted at a particular date which is stated by Non-speaking states in the news paper. Applications received on last date will be rejected.
  • Applications which are not completed in all respects shall be rejected.
  • Applications form which is incomplete or having wrong declaration will be rejected.

All the applications are submitted to the Non-Hindi Speaking States which in turn will make the decision of selecting the candidates for scholarship and issue award letters to them. Around 2500 scholarships are granted to students every year on all India basis on the quota  which has been allotted by Non-Speaking states.

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