PG Scholarships


PG Scholarships was awarded under the head of University Grant Commission. This scholarship is provided to those candidates who belong to schedule caste and schedule tribes for the professional courses in the main subjects like Engineering along with Technology, Management and Pharmacy in Indian universities. This scholarship scheme is set up for those students who are from week background in financial term, but want to carry the higher studies.

Purpose of PG Scholarships:

  • This scholarship will help the candidates in the form of financial assistance by providing it to 1000 schedule caste and schedule tribes� students.
  • Candidates who wish to carry their higher studies in post graduate level by taking the respective subjects will be granted scholarship.

Eligibility for PG Scholarships:

  • Candidates should hold graduate degree in respective subject from reputed college or institution.
  • Candidates who have also taken admission for post graduate course in regular full time program in respective subjects mentioned for professional courses.
  • Candidates who are pursing post graduate program in professional studies by distance education or by correspondence field are not eligible for scholarship.
  • An age criterion for Male candidates is 45 and Female one is 50. In some cases relaxation in the age is provided.

Application Procedure for PG Scholarships:

Candidates who are eligible for scholarship and fulfills the basic conditions and belongs to schedule caste and schedule tribes should apply for scholarship scheme by looking the advertisement which is published by the UGC after when the candidates has taken admission in the reputed university. Applicants should fill the application form in full respect in a prescribed format and send it to the concerned address mentioned in the application form within a specified time.

Nature of scholarship

  • The number of scholarship available for the candidates is 1000 per year.
  • The Duration of scholarship depends upon the time of post graduate program.
  • Candidates who are from M.Tech field may be allotted P.G scholarship worth Rs 5000 per month along with the contingency allowance of Rs 15000 per annum.
  • Candidates who are from other field of post graduate program allotted Rs 3000 per month along with the contingency allowance of Rs 10000 per annum.

Procedure of Grant from UGC

When the candidate have sent application form along with necessary documents, then in this case UGC will release the first installment of the grant which is payable to the institution. Then the next grant will be released by the receipt of last grant which is Utilization certificate along with the statement of expenditure. After when the scholarship is completed, utilized certificate which is audited should be submitted by the institution or college from which student have completed their post graduate program.

In PG scholarship program students are also required to submit a report based on progress which is to be signed by the Head of Department. The scholarship will come to an end in the last year of the program.

There are some cases in which Scholarship scheme can be cancelled are listed below:-

  • When the candidate is showing indiscipline regarding post graduation course.
  • When the candidates is found misconduct in their work.
  • When the candidate is submitting the progress report and it is found to be unsatisfied with regards to research work.
  • When the candidate is found ineligible for scholarship afterwards.

Application form of scholarship contains all the details of the candidates with regard to necessary information which is required by U.G.C. It also include admission certificate along with utilization certificate. It also includes form of contingency grant which is also required to fill up by the candidates. In last students are allowed to submit the progress report at the end of the year.

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