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Aviation is an upcoming sector with lot of career opportunities. The salary package is luvarative, attractive life-style and wide opportunities to travel throughout the world. The industry office jobs pilots, cabin area, Air craft engineers besides air transportation staff, customer care executive reservation agents, transport agents, travel counselors etc. technically speaking almost all branches of engineering is necessary to be Aviation.

The Defense area of Aviation is Indian Air force and its research wing is Defense Research and Development organization (DRPO). Now a days private Airlines both passenger and cargo are in the increase Besides pilots and flight attendants, the technical division of aviation including needs personnel for developing and maintaining the equipments and facts required for air crafts both for use in commercial and deserve air crafts. Defense air crafts includes missiles and fighter planes. Aero nautical engineers take care of maintaining and refer of air craft Research and invention is the part of the process.

No doubt every profession is a paying one and at the same time it is highly responsible. Negligence in any part create disastrous result.


Air line Divisor

1) To take care of the Flying activities of The planes or the Specific route.

2) Safety and effective Of craft

3) Work of staff in the Division is related to The flying of areas (Pilots, co-pilots, Flight attendant/ Flight steward

Technical Division

1) Engineering

2) taken care of safety of passengers, at the Safety of crew

3) Maintenance in proper function and repair of any part by overtaking

4) Teaching

Commercial Division

1) Ground level flying

2) Ticket staff, information staff,deck, reception, sales staff

3) Ticket Staff, Travel counter Checking counter, security staff,captain


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  • Air port Authorities of India (AAI)
  • Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)


  • IAR - NDA / CDS
  • Technical � Engineering General
Various Jobs
  • Flight Attendant / Flight Stewards:
  • Flight Attendant mean Air Hostess / flight Steward A team of flight attendant on board council of young men as flight pursuers and young women as air hostesses to assist the traveler.

  • Flight Pursuers / Stewards:
  • The male counter part of an air hostess is "Flight Pursuer" or "Air Steward". They check the cargo, keep an account of seat, handle duly free cleans and serve drinks on board, called may and help the passengers

  • Flight Attendant:

He does an important function in the operation of the air craft. He check the craft to ensure whether all the safety devices are in place, taking count of any small safety device. Air hostesses keep ready all the comforts an element like eatables, blankets, pillows, plates, napkins, etc. they check the cleanliness of the washroom & cabins.

The flight attendant makes announce the weather conditions, medical services, space routes

  • 10 + 2 / equivalent or graduate
  • Diploma / degree in Hotel Management

Pilot job begins an hour basis the take off of the flight. He /she carries out a pre flight check of weather condition of the day. He has to check the pre flight scheduled, determine specified height, weight and noise level and also intake the meteorological data. He is responsible for inspecting all the equipments and instruments. Refilling and ensuring that all the electronic systems are proper. He has to verify whether the contact with air traffic control is established and communication system is functioning properly.

A pilot should have good physical health, Sound mental health, self reliance, leadership qualities, active, good observation, good communication, risk taking ability, responsibility, high proficiency, disciplined, patience, responsibility, dedication.

Types of Pilot
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Military Pilot
  • Space Pilot
Commercial Pilot

Commercial Pilot is a highly trained person who flies aircraft to facilitate the movement of people, mail or goods, from one destination to another. He must poses a commercial Pilot License through by Director General of Commercial Aviation(DGCA). For taking job assurance to become a commercial pilot, he has to show the Pilot License.

  • Minimum Academic Qualification to enroll for an SPC in Class X
  • Age 16 years
  • Medical fitness
  • Bank guarantee
  • Licenses required becoming Pilot
  • SPL � Student Pilot License
  • PPL � Private Pilot License
  • CPL � Commercial Pilot License
  • To get commercial pilot License a candidate has to join any one of the Flying club.
  • A candidate who has completed XII with 17 years completion with medical fitness has prescribed.
  • A medical examination will be conducted
  • After medical examination, an interview and an exam for Radio communication will take placed.
  • Then SPL will be issued.

The pilot who has go SPL will take practical session by flying air craft with the help of trainers after 20 hours of training,

Pilot in Military

The career of a Military Pilot is adverturous and it provides wonderful opportunity to serve for the defance of the country.

  • 16 to 17 years of age.
  • XII or equivalent Degree with English, Physics and Mathematics as the subjects. A candidate must have attained at least 50% of marks in aggregates.
  • Good physical health and mental health.
Pilot in Space

The task of space Pilot includes assisting the commanders in controlling and operating the vehicle on space machine. But he or she isn�t in charge of the mission itself. He/she or also assist in any other duty that is needed during a mission such as release and recovery of satellites or other experiments.

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