Kurt Weill Foundation Grant

Scholarship For:

Certification and other training in India

Scholarship Field:

The grant is given in more than one topic among the following sphere:

  • Broadcast
  • Research
  • Symposium
  • Performance and Production at a professional level receive a grant below $5,000
  • Publication
  • Recording Projects
  • Travel
  • Performance in college or university
  • Travel Grants

Scholarship Sponsor:

Kurt Weil Foundation.

Lotte Lenya, the wife of Kurt Weill founded the Kurt Weill Foundation in 1962 to promote and understand the life and work and preserve the legacies of Weill and Lenya. Kurt Weill was one of the most versatile and influential theater composer and instrumental musician of the twentieth century. Lotte Lenya was a very famous actress and singer. After the death of Weill she devoted her life for the promotion, presentation, and recording the composition of her beloved husband. Every year the foundation provides grant to individuals and not- for- profit organizations. The Foundation awards for Research and Travel Grants, Symposia Grants, Publication Assistance, Dissertation Fellowships, and College/University Performance and Production Grants. The disciplinary categories are for arts and humanities

Eligibility for the Kurt Weill Foundation Grant:

  • Candidate should be a citizen of commonwealth nation except Australia.
  • Candidate should be armed with a graduate degree.
  • Candidate should have passion and compassion for music and for the work of Kurt Weill.
  • Candidate should have knowledge of music and past experience in the subtle intricacies of music.

Value of Scholarship:

  • The program nurtures the creative prowess of the candidate and enhances his/her compatability.
  • The program enhances and improves the sense of responsibility and commitment to carry out the project.
  • Provides a golden opportunity to conduct research work in the work of Kurt Weill and Lotte Lenya
  • Opportunity to conduct project in the form of concerts, live stage performance, or recording is provided.
  • Polishes the candidates understanding for the intricacies of music.
  • Amount of the award can be used for research, transportation and other necessary purposes.
  • Scholarship is paid every year for two persons.

Deadline for Application:

Deadline for application is 1st of November and announcement will be made by the 1st of February.

How to Apply for Kurt Weill Foundation Grant:

  • Applications should include:
  • Candidates’ personnel information, including relevant qualifications and past achievements.
  • A detail description of t project for which grant has to be made
  • Complete detail of the budget

The foundation staff reviews all the applications and forwards the selected applications to the Independent Review Panel for further consideration. The experts of the review panel are from the field of music, theatre, and scholarly community. The experts consider the following criteria:

  • Relevance and benefit of the project
  • Proposed project’s quality
  • Applicants prowess to accomplish the project with perfection
  • Applicant’s past experiences and achievements
  • Value of the project

Contact Address :

Carolyn Weber, Director
Kurt Weill Foundation for Music
7 East 20th Street
New York, NY 10003-1106
Telephone: (212)505-5240
Fax: (212)353-9663
Email: cweber@kwf.org
Scholarship Website:www.kwf.org

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