Ireland Govt. Scholarships from External Scholarship Division, MHRD


Scholarship from Ireland Govt is provided to interested candidates from external Scholarship Division which is concerned with ministry of Human Resource and Development, Govt of India. This department is specializing in arranging many international scholarships from Foreign Government for Indian students who wish to continue their Masters Degree.

Scholarships are granted on the following subjects including

  • Masters degree in Hydrology ,along with other subjects including
  • Nursing studies along with Community health.
  • Environmental Resource Management
  • Occupation health and Ergonomics
  • Compensatory and remedial education.

This scholarship is available to those candidates who are Eligible for entry course in Masters Degree related to Hydrology. This Scholarship is again granted to the students in the next year on the basis of record.Govt of India expects that scholars should return to India and get engaged in construction work related to water resource development.

Eligibility of Ireland Govt Scholarships External Scholarship Division

  • Age of the Candidates should be between in 23 and 33.
  • Candidates, who want Masterís Degree in Hydrology, must have obtained First Class bachelorís degree in hydrology, related subjects of science or Engineering.
  • Candidates should have good knowledge of Ireland. They will be preferred first than other candidates.
  • Candidates have to stay in India at least for 2 years after returning from Ireland.
  • Candidates should also possess 2 years of experience in relevant field along with teaching, research and training.

What is the Duration? For Ireland Govt Scholarships External Scholarship Division

Ireland Govt Scholarships from External Scholarship Division, MHRD grants 2-6 scholarship once in a year.

Benefits of Scholarships

Ireland Govt Scholarships may help the students in many ways including

  • It provides students with Airfare for both the sides.
  • It also provides Tuition fees to the students.
  • This scholarship will help in living allowance.
  • Meeting book expenses.
  • Helps in the preparation of theses, whatever the expenses incurred on it.
  • Ireland being the cold country, this scholarship will help to incur expenses on woolens and warm clothingís.

Application procedure For Ireland Govt Scholarships External Scholarship Division

Application should be typed in a plane paper along with the other documents including

  • Attested copies of all educational certificates along with documents.
  • Passport size photograph.
  • Employment programs along plans.
  • If the person is employed then the employerís letter is needed.

All documents should be sent to the Director of Scholarship, Ministry of Human Resource Development of external Scholarship within the fixed date mentioned in the application form.

Summary- Ireland Govt Scholarships from External Scholarship Division is provided for the main purpose of degree in abroad along with research work in abroad. The scholarship is granted on the subjects relating to community health along with nursing studies. This Scholarship is provided by the External Scholarships Division of MHRD, govt of India. This scholarship is also granted to students next year on the basis of their past records.

There is some eligibility criteria are mentioned along with duration part. Qualifying for scholarship students should be between the age of 23-33, must have bachelorís degree with good marks before going or applying for masterís degree. They should have good knowledge about the country .And the students who are applying for the scholarship should be the resident of India, along with training and research work. This scholarship is granted once in a year. This will further help in meeting expenses like house expenses along with living expenses.

The students who are applying for the scholarship must sent all the important documents along with other documents to the concerned address mentioned in the application form. This Scholarship is published in the month of Feb and March every year.

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