Hungary Government Scholarship from External Scholarship Division, MHRD


Hungary Government Scholarship from External Scholarship Division is under the Ministry of Human Resources and Development Govt of India. This scholarship is available for those candidates who have completed their post graduation and are interested to carry their higher studies in Hungarian Institution.

Eligibility of Hungary Government Scholarship from External Scholarship Division

  • Candidates who have score 60% marks in Masters Degree from an Indian university which is reputed one.
  • Candidates should have experience of 2 years of research work.
  • This scholarship is granted to those Indian students who want to carry their studies in Pre-doctoral course in the subjects like economics, literature, mathematics and linguistic.

Importance of Scholarship

  • Hungary Government Scholarship will cover the Tuition fees along with travelling expenses.
  • It will also cover the lodging expenses of the candidates.
  • Air ticket of the candidates from India to Hungary is provided by the candidates himself or by their sponsors.

The duration of this Scholarship is a period of 3 to 4 years and it is awarded to meritorious candidates.

Application Procedure For Hungary Government Scholarship

  • Candidates are required to send the application in a typed form which is to be attached with important documents.
  • The candidates who want to apply for this scholarship is to look for information in leading news paper along with employment news which is published in April and May every year.
  • It should be send to the concerned address mentioned in the application form.

Along with Indian students Hungary Government Scholarship is also granted to international students or foreign students along with professors who are from high education institutions and also the research fellows who wanted to carry their experience in professional’s field along with  their research work in Hungarian institution.
This Scholarship is granted on the basis of 2 systems .Bilateral agreements and second one is Scholarship pool.

  • In Bilateral agreements scholarships are awarded to the citizens of the countries along with their territories who have an effective co-operation in terms of education program with the Hungary Institution which is properly signed by the Hungarian Institution.
  • In Scholarship pool various types of scholarship are granted to those candidates who are selected from different countries and territories. There are different types in which scholarship is granted which includes partial as well as semester basis. Includes post graduates students for carry their research work. Also allotted to Students who carry their Full PhD program. This scholarship is also allotted to candidates who carry their partial PhD studies along with those candidates who wish to carry their post doctoral studies along with their research work. Also granted to candidates for carrying their research work along with summer courses.

Different Scholarship which is granted to different people have different time period also but all these scholarship includes tuition fees along with accommodation and meals free.

Eligibility of Hungary Government Scholarship to Foreign Students includes

  • Candidates who are applying for part time study program cannot apply.
  • People who have an employment contract or have an employment relationship with the law of the Hungary cannot apply in this case.
  • Candidates who have applied for residence permit in Hungary also cannot apply for scholarship.
  • Different scholarships have different age limit allotted to it.

Candidates who are staying in Hungary for more than 1 month can be also given medical treatment free in case of sudden illness. This scholarship will only cover emergency cases excluding dental cases as well. On the other hand Candidates who are not staying in Hungary for 1 month has to arrange themselves for insurance coverage.
Candidates can also apply online or send all the necessary documents to the concerned address mentioned in the application form.

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