Developing Country Literacy Project Support Fund

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Certification and other training in India.

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IRA (Indian Reading Association)

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Developing Country Literacy Project Support Fund is an award program founded by IRA (Indian Reading Association), that is instrumental in propagating the essence of deriving knowledge and inculcate reading habits which can enrich an individual and a nation.The award program can be availed by the candidate who is a member of Indian Reading Association and is brewing with the passion to promote literacy campaign in their countries to spread the light and power of knowledge. The candidate shall have to possess the innate desire to conduct research about the status of literacy in their country and provide a solution to eradicate the evil of illiteracy from their nation.

The award is generally given to teachers or academicians who are aware of the social, economic and political factors that govern the state of literacy and reading habits of their country. The prerequisite for attaining the scholarship is that the applicants shall have to be the member of Indian Reading Association(IRA). The recipients of the award have taken the cudgels against the menace of illiteracy in countries like Bolivia, Nigeria, Moldova. Financial Aid offered by Developing Country Literacy Project Support Fund: A financial assistance of $2500 is given to the candidate. The last date for receiving the application is 10th October.


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