List of  Medical Colleges in Kerala 

Kerala is a famous place in India where the literacy ratio is highest. Thus, the scope of education in the particular state is really high. Apart from technical and professional courses, people are having a wonderful advancement in the field of health and medicine. Medical colleges in Kerala are the mile stone with the help of which successful career in medical field is possible. The standards of education in each and every Medical college in Kerala are really high. So your children will get full freedom to enjoy the benefit of Medical colleges in Kerala.


Like all states, Kerala is also having some criteria on the basis of which medical students will be selected. There is a tough completion in Kerala for getting admission in Medical College. The minimum qualification required is higher secondary. Also the candidates must have subjects like Mathematics, chemistry, physics etc for getting admission in one among the Medical colleges in Kerala.

Importance of medical education in Kerala

You can get the reference of various important hospitals in Kerala. The quality of medication in such hospitals is really appreciable. People from various parts of the nation visit the hospitals to get the solution of the critical problems. Medical colleges in Kerala are an ultimate place for a contact between a doctor and a patient. Qualified doctors are always in a demand in the Medical colleges in Kerala. A fresh brilliant doctor can easily make his career bring by joining one of the Medical colleges in Kerala.

Career option

Scopes in medical colleges in Kerala is really high. This is the particular place where you can easily get a scope to learn and excel in your career. A young doctor with specialization in heat or skin can go out of the state and yield good money.

Search Medical Colleges in Kerala -(491) Colleges Found

College Name District State
A K G Memorial Co Operative College Of Nursing , Kannur   Kerala    
A K G Memorial Co Operative Hospital,Kerala   Kerala    
A K G Memorial Cooperative College Of Nursing , Kannur KANNUR   Kerala    
A P Varkey Mission School Of Nursing , Ernakulum ERNAKULAM   Kerala    
A.J. College of Pharmacy , THIRUVANANTHAPURAM   Kerala    
A.M.College of Pharmacy , KOLLAM   Kerala    
Abdul Wahab Memorial Rajah School Of Nursing , Trissur THRISSUR   Kerala    
Academy of Medical Sceiences, Pariyaram, Kannur KANNUR   Kerala    
Academy of Medical Sceiences,Pariyaram, Kannur KANNUR   Kerala    
AKG Memorial Cooperative College of Nursing , Kannur KANNUR   Kerala    
Al Shifa College Of Nursing , Malappuram   Kerala    
Al Shifa College of Pharmacy , Malappuram MALAPPURAM   Kerala    
AlAzhar Dental College, Idukki IDUKKI   Kerala    
Almas Hospital , Malappuram   Kerala    
Alshifa College Of Nursing , Malappuram MALAPPURAM   Kerala    
AlShifa College of Pharmacy , Malappuram   Kerala    
Alshifa Hospital , Malappuram MALAPPURAM   Kerala    
Amala Cancer Hospital And Research Centre , Thrissur THRISSUR   Kerala    
Amala College Of Nursing , Thrissur   Kerala    
Amala College Of Nursing, ,Amala Instt Of Medical Sciences , Thrissur   Kerala    
Amala Institute of Medical Sciences, Thrissur THRISSUR   Kerala    
Amrita College Of Nursing , Ernakulam ERNAKULAM   Kerala    
Amrita School of Dentistry, Kochi   Kerala    
Amrita School of Medicine, Elamkara, Kochi   Kerala    
Amrita School Of Nursing , Kochi ERNAKULAM   Kerala    
Amrita School of Pharmacy , Kochi   Kerala    
Ananthapuri Hospitals And Research Institute , Thiruvananthapuram   Kerala    
Annoor Dental College & Hospital, Ernakulam ERNAKULAM   Kerala    
Ansar School Of Nursing , Thrissur THRISSUR   Kerala    
Arafa School Of Nursing , Kollam KOLLAM   Kerala    
Archana College Of Nursing , Pathanamthitta   Kerala    
Archana School Of Nursing , Pathanamthitta PATHANAMTHITTA   Kerala    
Assissi Fhw School Of Nursing , Kollam KOLLAM   Kerala    
Assissi Hospital School Of Nursing , Kottayam KOTTAYAM   Kerala    
Assumption Hospital , School Of Nursing , Palakkad PALAKKAD   Kerala    
Assumption Hospital,School Of Nursing,Palakkad PALAKKAD   Kerala    
Assumption School Of Nursing , Wayanad WAYANAD   Kerala    
Aswini College Of Nursing , Thrissur   Kerala    
Aswini School Of Nursing , Thrissur THRISSUR   Kerala    
Athurasramam N.S.S. Homoeopathic Medical College KOTTAYAM   Kerala    
Azeezia College of Dental Sciences & Research, Kollam KOLLAM   Kerala    
Azeezia Institute of Medical Sciences, Kollam KOLLAM   Kerala    
Azeezia Nursing College , Kollam   Kerala    
B C F College Of Nursing , Kottayam   Kerala    
B K J M School Of Nursing , Kannur KANNUR   Kerala    
B N V School Of Nursing , Trivandrum THIRUVANANTHAPURAM   Kerala    
Baby Memorial College Of Nursing , Kozhikode KOZHIKODE   Kerala    
Baby Memorial Hospital , School Of Nursing , Calicut KOZHIKODE   Kerala    
Benziger Hospital , Benziger School Of Nursing , Kollam KOLLAM   Kerala    
Bishop Benziger College Of Nursing , Kollam   Kerala    


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