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Degree in abroad

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Life Sciences

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UNESCO -L’OREAL Co- Sponsored fellowship for Young Women in Life Sciences has been announced by the U.S. National Commission with an aim to give impetus to enhance the innovation and excellence of the young women community. The aim of UNESCO-L’OREAL fellowship is to support and encourage the role of women in devising scientific solutions to problems confronting civilization. The award is granted to fifteen deserving candidates who are committed and talented in the field of life science. From each five geo-cultural group three candidates are selected that is from Africa, Arabian States, Asia& pacific, Europe& North America, Latin America and the Caribbean States.

Eligibility for the UNESCO-L’OREAL Co- Sponsored Fellowships:

  • Candidates should not be more than 35 years of age.
  • Candidate should be armed with a post graduate degree and perusing her research at the doctoral or post doctoral level in one or allied field of science like biochemistry, biotechnology, agriculture, medicine, pharmacy etc.
  • Preference will be given to the candidates who are armed with a Ph. D degree or equivalent degree at the time of application in the field of life sciences.
  • Language proficiency of the host country to accomplish the project is a must.
  • Candidate should not be enrolled in any other scholarship program to receive this award. If the candidate is receiving any other award she has to inform to the foundation immediately, in this case her application can be reviewed or may be withdrawn.
  • Applicant should be physically and mentally fit.

Value of Scholarship:

  • Candidate gets a chance to visit amazing location of this world and meet and interact with the people of entirely different background.
  • Immersed living and research in another country with different culture and civilization makes their perspective broad.
  • Candidate gets the privilege to conduct research at a host organization of her choice.
  • Candidate’s theoretical and practical knowledge boosts with the support of scientists of another nation.

Amount of Scholarship:

An award of $40,000 is provided to the deserving candidates in this fellowship program.

Duration for UNESCO-L’OREAL Co- Sponsored Fellowships:

Scholarship is awarded for a maximum period of 24 months in which half of the tenure is extended if the candidate is privileged. In the non extension case candidate has to spend half of the tenure in host country with a minimum period of 6 months and maximum of 12 months and two months of studies in her home country while in the latter case, the tenure is minimum of 12 months and maximum of 22 months.

Possible date of commencing the project is between 1st of March 2011 to 1st of March 2012.

How to Apply for UNESCO-L’OREAL Co- Sponsored Fellowships:

Applicant has to submit curriculum vitae or resume with a list of publications, if any.It must also include:

  • A letter of recommendation from someone familiar with candidates work.
  • A letter of acceptance from the host country.
  • The certificate of language proficiency (language of host country, not the home country) signed by the competent authority.
  • A detail description of the research work in either English or French.
  • Estimate of the budget stating how the grant will be utilized.

Contact Address:

UNESCO-L’OREAL Co- Sponsored Fellowships:
U.S. National Commission for UNESCO
2121, Virginia Avenue, Suite 6200
Washington DC 20037
Scholarship Website:www.portal.unesco.org

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