Scholarships Programs


Scholarship Programs along with fellowships Program are the excellent modes for knowledge sharing and building capacity in the world which is developing. These programs provides the opportunities to the students who hold post graduate and graduate degree along with doctoral degrees in the respective field in developing countries.

Some of the Scholarship programs include

RSM Fellowship program

The Robert S. Mc Namara scholarship program provides support mode to young researchers who are working in academic along with research institutions from the countries which are eligible for preparing thesis. This scholarship program will grants an amount from 5 to 10 months and interested candidates are expected to carry out their research program in advanced form by using the facilities and resources which are provided by the those institution which are hosted for students.

Application procedure for Scholarships Programs:

  • For this scholarship program only researchers and lectures who are from those countries which come under eligibility, and are working on doctoral thesis apply for the scholarship.
  • Candidates applying for scholarship should be below 45 years of age.
  • Candidate should have completed any course related with doctoral field.

Benefits of Grants

  • This grant will help the candidates to pursue their higher studies in the doctoral field by the host institution for the period from 5 to 10 months.
  • During their courses all the candidates are allowed to use the important resources provided by the institute.
  • In this program candidates are called upon by the hoScholarship_186st institution which will appoint advisor for them during research program which will guide the candidate in full respect.
  • Candidates under this scheme should carry out their research activity in the fields of economics, health, environment, agriculture along with natural resource management.
  • The candidates are awarded on the basis of their academic record and research program. The candidates which are on top should be given to selection committee for the final selection.

About grants

Candidates for this purpose have to submit the budget in which he should mention all the necessary details regarding cost, travel, Insurance along with living expenses along with fees and book expenses. The amount which is payable to candidates are decided by the selection committee which goes to us$25000.

Role of students

Students are required to prepare 2 reports, medium and final term report. After completion of program they should return to their home countries. They are allowed to mention the name of the fellowship program provided to them in their research program.

Other scholarship program includes

World Bank graduate Scholarship

This scholarship is provided from the World Bank which is funded from the government of Japan in order to provide scholarship for graduate degree in the subject of economic development. Every year these scholarship programs have been awarded to those individuals who are the members from World Bank countries.

The main purpose of providing this scholarship to individual from The World Bank along with government of Japan is that when the student have completed their entire course should return to their home countries and increase their knowledge along with skills for their contribution towards the development of the particular region or society from which he belongs.

The last type of scholarship includes

Japan Indonesia Scholarship-This scholarship is funded from the government of Japan, which is allotted to those students who wish to pursue their PhD studies in academic field which is being covered by the ten Indonesian countries. Candidates applying for this scholarship should fulfill the eligibility mention in the application form. This scholarship will going to cover all the expenses related with programs but it will not cover expenses for family. They have their particular subjects for this scholarship and are awards to those candidates who have a good academic record.

Other Scholarships in India

Scholarships in India