Fellowship in Criminology- Police Science - Forensic Science


Fellowship in Criminology- Police Science - Forensic Science is awarded with the main aim to develop and promote studies in the field of police with their rules, reforms and regulations. This scholarship is introduced by the Bureau of Police Research and Development which was established in the year 1970 in August. The main objective is this organization is to meet the problems and requirements of Indian police. This Research and development bureau covered important areas like

  • Overall improvement and development of forensic science in India.
  • Ministry of Home affairs should be provided with advice which must be valuable and help in the smooth running of the police force with prison in terms of their rules and regulations.
  • It also develops plans and programs for the main purpose of imparting training in the prison.
  • Existing Arrangements in the police force must be evaluated.
  • Police Force should go for latest technology in their daily work.
  • Also concentrates on police force with regard to prison rules and regulations.

Eligibility of Fellowship in Criminology and Police Science - Forensic Science

  • Age of the candidates should be less than 30 years.
  • Candidates should have a post graduate degree and have secure 55% marks in sociology or criminology or social work.
  • Candidates should have a bachelor degree in 2nd class in the subjects of public administration, law or political science.

Eligibility of Fellowship in  Forensic Science

  • Candidates should have Masters Degree in science either in 1st or 2nd class.
  • Candidates should have cleared the CSIR exam which is conducted under UGC.
  • Candidates should have registered themselves for PhD Course in University of India.

The Duration of this scholarship is for 3 years and the total number of scholarship granted is 6.

Application Procedure For Fellowship in Criminology/Police Science/ Forensic Science

Application should be send along with important documents to the Bureau of Police Research and Development within the fixed date mentioned in the Application Form.

Benefits of Scholarship

  • The amount of Rs 2500 to 2800 is granted per month.
  • It also provides Contingency allowance of Rs 5000 per year.
  • It also provides a sum of Rs 3000 to the institution for carrying out the research work.

Summary-Scholarship which is granted in the field of Criminology, police science and forensic science is known as Fellowship in Criminology- Police Science - Forensic Science. This scholarship is provided in India and it is sponsored by the Bureau of Police Research and Development. The Eligibility Criteria for the Criminology and police science is different from the Eligibility criteria of the forensic science.

For Criminology and police science candidates should be below 30 years of age with at least 55 % of marks in Criminology and Sociology and also have 2nd class bachelors degree in Criminology and Sociology. The Eligibility Criteria for Forensic science is that the candidates should have master’s degree in Science with 1st and 2nd class along with the clearance of the exam of CSIR conducted under UGC and also candidates should be registered themselves under PhD program in any of the reputed Indian university.
This Scholarship provides many benefits to the candidates as they are granted Rs 2500 to 2800 per month along with the contingency allowance which is granted Rs 5000 per year.  Candidates who have to carry their research work in the respective field; this scholarship also grants an amount of Rs 3000 to the institution.
 Application should be send with all the necessary education documents to the Bureau of Police Research and Development, in a prescribed format within the Specified date mentioned in the Application form.

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