Indian Council of Historical Research Senior Fellowship


Indian Council of Historical Research was established in the year 1972 as an independent entity, comes under Indian Societies Registration act. This council was established with the main purpose of assembling all the historians from the different country to come and interact with each other on the same platform, which is turn helpful in writing History in scientific and rational field. It also encourages and organizes research activities in history and put stress on those areas which has unattended or ignored before. Indian Council of Historical Research Senior Fellowship was among in that which grants Scholarships to Senior or Established historians who are Professionals in the respective field.

Eligibility of Indian Council of Historical Research Senior Fellowship

  • Person applying for scholarship must be the holder of PhD degree.
  • People who have earned his name by himself by publishing their research papers along with quality matter.
  • Person should also be working as civil servants or social workers who have a good academic record in the respective subject along with the publication of their journals.
  • Age relaxation is provided in this scholarship.
  • This scholarship is provided on the full time program.
  • People applying for Scholarship may carry their research work outside India.
  • Research scholars from abroad can also carry their research work in India in respective field.

The Duration of the Indian Council of Historical Research Senior Fellowship is of 2 years and it should also be extended in some cases.

Application Procedure For Indian Council of Historical Research Senior Fellowship

For the Application, printed application form along with important documents of 5 copies of research plan along with the Bio-data of the applicant should be submitted to the concerned address mentioned in the application form within the specified date.

Benefit of Scholarship

  • This Scholarship grants Rs 8000 per month to the research scholars who are unemployed or retired from service.
  • In case if the research scholar is employed so in this case their salary will be secured in fellowship period and also eligible for contributory allowance along with the grant.
  • This fellowship will grant an additional amount of Rs 36000 to unemployed, retired as well as to Employed scholars during the period of the grant.
  • This grant will come into effects when the candidates have joined the institution and were granted only for 1st year on initial basis.
  • The Scholarship which is paid for the 1st year will be given in 3installements which is only 10% of the total grant and left with other 2 installments which is 60 and 40% of the remaining grant.
  • The third installments are paid to the candidates when he has submitted the Final research report and the proper evaluation is done.

Summary- Indian Council of Historical Research Senior Fellowship is granted by the Indian Council of Historical Research which is an autonomous organization under Societies registration act. This Council was set up with the main aim to bring all the historians together so that they will exchange their views. For this purpose Scholarship is granted to both junior as well as senior people for carrying out their task in the research activities.

Indian Council of Historical Research Senior Fellowship is granted to those candidates who are senior historian or professional in the respective field and should be the holder of the PhD degree with the good academic record and also earn his name himself by publishing the research paper. This scholarship is for full time program and age relaxation is also provided. This scholarship provides many benefits to the research scholars as this will help them to carry their work.

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