National Board of Accreditation (NBA)

National Board of Accreditation (NBA)

AICTE or All Indian Council of Technical Education is the particular board responsible for establishment of National board of Accreditation (NBA). This is basically an autonomous body which is been founded under section 10 (u) of the AICTE act 1987. This particular body was established to carry on with periodic evaluation of program basis in technical institutions. All the institutions having recognition under this particular council must follow specified norms as well as decorum for maintaining a standard. National board of Accreditation (NBA) is the only authorized body in India that is established for providing accreditation to technical education programmers.

Interesting facts about National board of Accreditation (NBA)

Before the establishment of National board of Accreditation (NBA) AICTE used to take care about every single operation for accreditation in India. But soon National board of Accreditation (NBA) has become the nodal agency for carrying on with accreditation in India. This has soon become an independent society under the registrar of cooperative societies. On 7th of January 2010, National board of Accreditation (NBA) has achieved the status of autonomous body.

Objective of National board of Accreditation (NBA)

Like other board and autonomous body, National board of Accreditation (NBA) has got its own objective. The main objective of National board of Accreditation (NBA) is to provide the quality assurance. Whether the particular institution has quality education needs to be checked by the organization. Whether the teaching procedure in the particular organization is standard or not is also been checked by the representatives present in National board of Accreditation (NBA). The main purpose of the organization is to provide quality education in the field of Management Architecture, Mass communication, Hospital, Pharmacy, Technology, Engineering etc.

A student willing to take up a technical education degree from a reputed organization needs to pay a good amount as a tuition fee. It becomes really important to take a bank loan for further studies. Today, many nationalized and private banks refuse to provide education loan to the students who does not have National board of Accreditation (NBA) in his course or technical program.

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