Post-Matric Scholarship


Post-Matric Scholarships are provided to students who are in merit class and belongs to Minority communities. The main objective of this scholarship is to grant scholarship to merit students who are from weaker sections of the society in terms of economically term. This scholarship also provides them with best opportunity in the field of higher education so that they may increase their rate in terms of employability.

Post-Matric Scholarship is granted for studies carried on in India with private or Govt institution. This scholarship will also cover the other fields like technical and vocational courses.

Eligibility For Post-Matric Scholarships

  • Candidates should have secure minimum 50 % of marks in the final examination which is held lastly.
  • Candidates parents income is not less than 2 lakh.

Post-Matric Scholarship will be distributed on the basis of population belonging to states and union territories. In Post Matric scholarship 30 % of the scholarship is kept for the girls, if in case girls are not applying for scholarship so this 30%can be used for boys.

Selection procedure for the post matric scholarship is different as this scholarship is limited and small in number. It is only granted to those candidates who belong to BPL family having the lowest income. They grant this scholarship in the ascending order like who have the lowest income can be granted first with other those who are not having.

Scholarship is provided for a particular course for full duration along with providing maintenance allowance for 10 months. The rate of scholarship is same for hostlers and day scholars in terms of admission and tuition fees for class 10th and 12th students along with post graduate and undergraduate students .Students of 10th and 12th class who are doing technical and vocational courses the rate of scholarship is different for hostlers and day scholars. Hostler will be getting Rs 235 per month as compared to day scholar who is getting Rs 140 per month.

The rate of scholarship for under graduate and post graduate students who are doing courses other than vocational one is also different .Hostler is getting more as compared to day scholars. Those students who are pursuing M.phill or PhD course will also have a difference in amount of scholarship for hostler and day scholars.

This post matric scheme will be operated through state government or union territory administration

Conditions For Post-Matric Scholarships

  • Candidates who have secured less than 50%are not eligible for scholarship
  • Candidates who family income is not more than 2 lakh.
  • This scholarship is not provided to 2 students from the same family.
  • Candidates should be well disciplined and should be regular in attendance.
  • This scholarship is payable directly to the school, institution bank account.
  • Candidates who are applying for scholarship must submit the real certificate and if they found false regarding certificate, then there scholarship will be cancelled.
  • If students do not follow rules and conditions of Scholarship then his scholarship may be cancelled or suspended.
  • This scholarship will not allow migrating students from one university to another.
  • Maintenance allowance will be credited to students bank account.
  • Students who are taking the benefits for this scholarship cannot take the benefits of other scholarship.

Post Matric scholarship which is granted to students will be renewed from next academic year after getting the certificate as a proof that students have secured more than 50%.

Applicants can take the benefits of the scheme when the advertisement regarding scholarship will be published in the local news paper along with local dailies and for taking the advantage of this scholarship scheme students have to send the application form in specified format within the specified time mentioned in the application form.

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