Inlaks Fine Arts Awards


Inlaks Fine Arts Awards are given to young Indian Artists. This award provides them the opportunity to establish their career by moving towards for higher studies or research work anywhere in the India. This award is presented by the Inlaks foundation which is a charitable trust, registered in Liechtensten, which is a country between Austria and Switzerland.

Inlaks Foundation was incorporated as charitable organization which was under the charity commissioners of United Kingdom. It was the first organization which is set up with tax exemption private operating foundations in 1983 in U.S.A. To look after the management of the inlaks foundations board of trustees is given this task, this was headed by the director who is also Chief executive and Trustee of the foundation. The chief executive is supported by the Executive committee of inlaks foundations.

Main `Objective of Inlaks Fine Arts Awards

  • It gives an opportunity to Indian students who are talented and outstanding by providing monetary assistance, which will help them to build their career.
  • This award will help the students to carry out research work outside India.
  • Scheme named Take off- grants is initiated by the Inlaks foundation which grants awards and scholarships to talented Indian students of younger age to pursue their studies and research work within India.

Who are Eligible for Inlaks Fine Arts Awards

  • Candidates should hold diploma or degree certificates from recognized institute of Fine arts. It also includes Photography.
  • Candidates should have age less than 30 years.
  • Candidates should not hold any government scholarship or awards in the same year when he is going to apply for the scholarship.
  • Candidates who are doing masters and are in the first year are not eligible for award.
  • If candidates are reapplying for the awards he or she should submit a new work or proposal to the foundation.

The Duration of Inlaks fine awards are one year and also extends to next year depending on the performance of artist. It grants 8000 per month for period of one year which is payable in installments. It grants 5-6 times award in one year.

Application procedure For Inlaks Fine Arts Awards

Candidates, who are applying for Scholarship, must send all the important documents to the Inlaks Foundation. Application should be send between September and November of particular year.

  • The important documents include Curriculum-vitae with passport size photograph along with color transparencies of creative work and a proposal of 450 words.
  • Mention the need which you will go to fulfill by this award. If the candidate is thinking to use that money in project work then he should mention about the project work in 500 words.
  • Mention about the gallery shows in which you have took part.
  • Ten samples of your work in CDs or DVDs should be sent. It also includes hard copy if CDs or DVDs cannot run properly.
  • Images can also be sent but only in JPEG format and not in Tiff format.
  • The disc should also contain CV with date of birth along with education qualifications. Complete e-mail id phone number and Address should also mention in it.

Applications may be disqualified when applicants have sent their samples more than 10.

Summary- Inlaks Fine Arts Awards are granted to young artists of India, as an encouragement mode to students so they can build their career in Art field. For this they provide the students with financial assistance to work on their respective field from anywhere in India. These awards are regarded as a helping mode to the students, which are therefore developing their creative talents in the coming years.

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