Veterinary Council of India (VCI)

Veterinary Council of India (VCI)

Domestic animals are an important part of our life. We love the pet dog, cat, squirrel etc like a little child. Since, the animals cannot speak; it becomes really difficult to understand their problem whenever they are suffering from any illness. Over the years of experience, the owner of pet animals understands the behavior and signals of pet animals. Animals cannot be taken to human hospital whenever they are ill. Thus, Veterinary council of India (VCI) has taken initiative to establish hospitals and clinics where the animals can be treated.

About Veterinary council of India (VCI)

A statutory body of Government of India which is basically framed under the act of parliament for getting a quality treatment for all domestic animals is known as Veterinary council of India (VCI). This organization was formed under the Indian veterinary council act 1984. The council also undertakes action through which veterinary education can be effectively taken place. There are qualified veterinary doctors who have passed out and are practicing really well in their clinics and the hospital established in particular area. Veterinary council of India (VCI) is extended to various states of India such as Jammu & Kashmir, Tamil Nadu etc. An individual having degree in the particular science can easily practice the trade in any parts of the nation.

Qualification needed for admission in veterinary education

If you want to get an admission in veterinary course must have an aggregate of 50% in academic qualification. The aggregate must be present in the subjects like Physics, Biology, chemistry and English. There are many recognized college that is formed under Veterinary council of India (VCI). The admission is provided by the authority on the basis of the marks obtained by the students who have come to get an enrolment in the particular study. There are special sets for the candidates from schedule caste as well as schedule tribe background. For them the criteria would be 10% less than those of the students from general category. Veterinary council of India (VCI) have provided a great contribution towards the financial help for running the education.

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