Pharmacy Council of India (PCI)

Pharmacy Council of India (PCI)

A well known statutory body which is governed by the government of India which deals with drugs and pharmacist is known as Pharmacy council of India (PCI). The establishment of the council took place under the act of Pharmacy 1948. The establishment is well known and has a working condition under the ministry of health and family welfare. Government has provided Pharmacy council of India (PCI) a perfect responsibility for the maintenance, regulation and prescription of the minimum educational standard. The organization undertakes a proper procedure to carry on with the training of the entire pharmacist in a uniform way.

Function of Pharmacy council of India (PCI)

The council has got many functions in the nation. One of the important functions of Pharmacy council of India (PCI) is to prescribe the syllabus and norms of the pharmaceutical education. This is the well known council to make a proper inspection on the running of educational institutes that deals with the drug and pharmaceutical education. You will be able to take up the diploma course as well as the degree course under Pharmacy council of India (PCI). The registration of the pharmacist is also cared by the particular council.

Pharmacists education by Pharmacy council of India (PCI)

It is really important to deal with the education of the pharmacist. Pharmacy council of India (PCI) takes care of the educational facilities in a minute way. In ancient days, India was leading in the health science. But the pharmacy education did not excel so much. But after the involvement of Pharmacy council of India (PCI), the boom and bust of IT have got no effect on the Pharmacy deal. You will be able to view the steady growth of pharmacy industry. Pharmacy council of India (PCI) holds a great support in the pharmacy industry as well as the education undertaken by the pharmacists.

The infrastructure as well as the teaching of each and every institution is provided with a strict vigilance. Whether the quality of training is getting improved or not is specifically checked by Pharmacy council of India (PCI).

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