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Medical Council of India

Medical is a wide term that includes clinical, biological and other surgical operations. An individual connected to medical treatments needs to concentrate on a specific area. Parents wish their child to build up a successful career in the field of medicine. Even if an individual cannot fulfill his dream of being a doctor, he will definitely have scopes to go ahead with other variation of subjects in medical field. Today, Medical council of India is working really hard to provide higher standard of medical education in India. Recognition as well as accreditation is provided by the council fir various medical institutes as well as educational concern.

History of Medical council of India

The foundation stone for Medical council of India was laid in the year 1934. The act that was passed to establish the council was named as Indian medical council act 1933. This council was however reconstituted later in the year 1956. The council has active association with health and medical facilities in the nation. The responsibility of Medical council of India also includes consultation with different medical institute to provide proper medical facilities to the patients.

Functions of Medical council of India

You will come across countless functions of Medical council of India. One among the function include establishment of uniform standard and maintenance for undergraduates as well as medical education. Proper regulation for post graduate medical education is provided by Medical council of India in medical colleges. Providing accreditation to medical council is another important function of this particular organization. Reorganization of medical qualification of medical students and professionals is another important function of Medical council of India. India has made development in the field of medical science. Thus, accreditation of medical colleges is another important function of this council.

Registration of doctors and medical practioners is also in the hands of Medical council of India. The authority also keeps a track with regards to the record of registered doctor. State medical council generally has all the records of doctors registered in the state. A proper strategy is initiated to stop malpractices within the standard.

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