International Training Program (ITP) Education Council

International Training Program (ITP)

Each program has got a definite purpose as well as goal. Similarly, International training program (ITP) was started to develop reading, writing as well as speaking skill in an individual. The program is basically laid down to help people in developing the efficiency of English language. There are various schemes undertaken by the government for developing a support system with this regard. 3 month program under ELTI is conducted with 10 days of training program.

Types of programs under International training program (ITP)

You will be able to come across many programs under International training program (ITP). You can either go for short programs or carry on with advanced courses. The aim of each program is to strengthen the education opportunities as well as overseas research for the young and aspirant researches. Collaborative programs are launched by International training program (ITP) for establishing relationship between educational organizations. The individual going through this research programs can be young graduate, research associates etc.

Aims of International training program (ITP)

One among the important aims of International training program (ITP) is to provide the participants with the clear view on general information. The environmental aspect is also a part of this information. The proper guidance is provided to them to retrieve information. The publicly accessible view in International standard is another important aim of this training program.

The perfect way to learn and organize for managing regional, institutional and national information resource is also been undertaken by International training program (ITP). An association of the program with JSPS has a view to support the Japanese universities. The collaborative relationship with overseas research institutes is also undertaken for proper and well maintained educational objectives. The graduate’s research students from Japanese universities are provided with advance opportunities for education.

Financial support is provided by International training program (ITP) to Japanese students for carrying on with their research objectives. There is a particular set of eligibility which needs to look into before applying for the same. The university with which collaboration will take place must have the eligibility to award PhD award to students.

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