Institute of Economic Growth (IEG) Education Council

Institute of Economic Growth (IEG)

Economic growth of each country is really a very big consideration for many of us. Due to economic rise and fall, effect is viewed in NDP and GDP of the country. Economists are really aware of the fall and rise in the country’s economy along with the reason. Institute of Economic Growth (IEG) is an autonomous body which lays down certain procedure for centre of excellence for economic growth. This organization is there to provide an effective assistance for advance training and research procedure. This is one of the well known academic institutions that deal with the facts concerning areas of policy and social development.

History about Institute of Economic Growth (IEG)

The organization named Institute of Economic Growth (IEG) was established in the year 1958. At that point of time, the organization had only strength of 30 social scientists. The research staff members associated with the organization is dedicated to the cutting edge area of policy and social concern. The members of Institute of Economic Growth (IEG) are the faculty members from international organization as well as among the award winning scholars. The research of Institute of Economic Growth (IEG) includes nine broad themes. Those are macroeconomic policy, agriculture and rural development, labor and welfare, population and development, social structure, health policy etc.

Focus of Institute of Economic Growth (IEG)

Institute of Economic Growth (IEG) does not deal with the economic growth in one or two area. Rather, the areas in which they are constantly monitoring are agriculture and rural development, models and issues of macro economics, trade industry globalization, health policy and population, resource economics and environment etc. Institute of Economic Growth (IEG) deals with quality research activity with its specialized unit. Organization has different experts to fulfill the research perspective of various areas social and economic needs. Each research unit is handled by the expert or the research associate who have specialization in that particular field. Institute of Economic Growth (IEG) has an association with NABARD as well as officers of Indian statistical service. Training modules are also effectively conducted by Institute of Economic Growth (IEG).

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