Indian School of Mines (ISM) Education Council

Indian School of Mines (ISM)

The co educational as well as educational public university with fully residential status is located in the city of Dhanbad. It is the mineral rich belt of India which was established in the year 1926. Indian School of Mines (ISM) has effectively established in the year 1926. This was basically started as an institution for attracting candidates to get enrolment in the city of Jharkhand. Another objective of this organization is to impart mining education to individuals who actually wish to get the same. This is a full fledge technical education for the programs such as integrated, B.Tech, MBA, tech etc. Indian School of Mines (ISM) is also present to impart part time PhD programs. The organization is equipped with 2 inter disciplinary schools and 17 departments.

Admission of students in Indian School of Mines (ISM)

There is a specific procedure of admission in Indian School of Mines (ISM). This organization only enrolls the candidates who have qualified IIT-JEE and have a good score. The post graduation can be done once a candidate qualifies GATE. Indian School of Mines (ISM) is an institute that has got national importance in India. This is one of the vital institutes in India which fulfills human resource needs of the nation in the areas such as mining machinery, mining, petroleum, mineral engineering etc. Providing a perfect training to the manpower is another important objective of Indian School of Mines (ISM). Candidates can choose their specialization in various subjects. Some of them are Electrical engineering, Environmental science and engineering, Computer science, Mechanical engineering, Chemical engineering etc.

History of Indian School of Mines (ISM)

The mines bill has become a law under the Indian Mines Act VIII of 1901. The authority has realized the necessity of establishing a government college of Mining Engineering in India. Political party of that time has also contributed a lot in establishing mining education in India. At the 17th sessions of the resolution held in Calcutta in the year 1901, a resolution was taken in this regard. The committee was associated with experts in mining industries.

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