Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Education Council

Indian Institute of Science (IISc)

A well known institute established for scientific as well as technological research is known as Indian Institute of Science (IISC). The head office of this organization is located in Bangalore, India. The establishment of the organization took place in the year 1909. In the year 1985, the organization has acquired the status of deemed university. The organization is a pioneer place to provide research, higher education, innovation in the field of computer science etc. The Institute of Science (IISC) has the vision of developing innovative techniques for Institute of Science (IISC).

Work done by Institute of Science (IISC)

Over the years, Institute of Science (IISC) provided a wonderful way to increase research and development in the nation. The department attracts talented students from science background to carry on with the fellowship programs. There are research fellows, PhD students as well as MSC students studying under Institute of Science (IISC) and acquiring a great education standard. After competing PhD programs, great placements will be provided to each student. There are top ranking global companies that want students and PhD holders from the top ranking global companies.

Research in the field of Science

Science is a very large word. It includes technological advancement as well as inclusion of many innovative techniques. Chemistry, physics and biology are different departments where the field of study will be really improved. Institute of Science (IISC) deals with three field of science and presents different innovative methods to get a great trendsetting ambience. Today, the advancement of science is combined with technology for providing better comfort and facility in the long run. The students who have passed out from Institute of Science (IISC) have gathered awards and are actually very successful in life. Some have made research as their career where as other has adopted teaching as their career. But in every step of their career, people from Institute of Science (IISC) have a planned structure of accomplishments. Today, they have become leaders in the field of science and technology. Good combination of science and computers has provided great success to many industrialists.

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