Directorate General of Shipping Education Council

Directorate General of Shipping

An agency set up by the Indian government which is responsible for the life, environment, and vessel of Indian registered ship and the vessels at Indian ports is known as Directorate general of shipping. In the city Mumbai, the subordinate to the ministry of shipping is located. The main duty of this government agency is to the safety of Indian ships as well as vessels. The qualification of Indian seaman is also analyzed by the Directorate general of shipping. Whether the environmental condition during the shipment is proper or not is also checked by Directorate general of shipping.

Duties of Directorate general of shipping

Good numbers of duties are performed by Directorate general of shipping. One among the duty list is to see whether the foreign ships visiting Indian territory obeys the rules and regulation made by Indian Government or not. Also the Directorate general of shipping ensures whether the Indian ships visiting Indian ports satisfied their rules and regulations or not. Under the Merchant shipping act 1958, Directorate general of shipping is solely appointed to implement the provisions of the act. Different international conveyances are easily organized by Directorate general of shipping.

Pleasure of travelling by water with support from Directorate general of shipping

In ancient time, people used to prefer water as a medium of travel. Even goods are easily carried from one place to another with the help of ships and vessel. But for every transportation facility, there are certain rules and regulations which need to get abide. Directorate general of shipping takes care of perfect security system of each and every ship and vessels that travel from Indian port to International ports. The water ways was really famous from the time of Vasco da Gama. From that time he has shown the sea route to European traders. Trading process have stated from then by Indian and European traders in transferring goods from one place to another through water ways. Directorate general of shipping has now imposed different rule and regulations over the shipping terms so that there is no conflict in business between two foreign lands.

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