Dental Council of India (DCI) Education Council

Dental Council of India (DCI)

Individuals who went to dentists must know about their origin. Dental council of India (DCI) can be regarded as the maker of dentist. The organization was formed after an act was passed by the parliament in the year 1948. This was formulated to control all rules and regulations for dental education in India. The organization also needed some financial help at the initial stage. Thus, it was financed by Government of India, Ministry of health and family welfare. The grant is also provided to dental colleges and universities in the nation.

The objectives of Dental council of India (DCI)

Dental council of India (DCI) has some goal which was laid down before its establishment. It maintains uniform standard of dental education throughout the nation. Inspection is made by the committee to check whether the students are performing well in the undergraduate as well as post graduate level of study. Dental council of India (DCI) has authority to grant permission to various colleges and schools that impart dental education. The standard of education is the most important part for Dental council of India (DCI). The council initiates more strategies so that innovations with regards to educational standard are accomplished.

Function of Dental council of India (DCI)

Prescription of the standard of curriculum as well as training of the dentist is an important part of Dental council of India (DCI). Setting up of perfect standard of training schedule and curriculum is also one of the duties of Dental council of India (DCI). The standard and new dental mechanics must be quoted in each and every college and universities that comes under Dental council of India (DCI). A proper maintenance of the standard of examinations, curriculum standard etc is been undertaken by the board. A proper standard must be maintained in every dental school and colleges so that the students enrolled in the particular institution must get universal standard of education. Exploring different areas of dental treatment is also the right of each dental student. Dental council of India (DCI) appreciates innovative mechanism in a student in dental school.

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