Council of Architecture (COA) Education Council

Council of Architecture (COA)

A body corporate which is laid down by the government of India which has been established under the Architects act 1972 is known as Council of Architecture (COA). This has been enacted by the parliament of the nation, India. The organization came into its functionality and force in the year 1972. The act lays down various facts with regards to standard of education and the registration of Architects. The Council of Architecture (COA) undertakes facts about education as well as practice of professions in this field.

Regulations under Council of Architecture (COA)

Individual who is really qualified in terms of profession of Architect must have his registration done from Council of Architecture (COA). There must be a possession of adequate qualification which is associated with the education which the particular individual has undergone. This education facility is laid down by the council of Architecture. A person holding the certificate must get it up to date. Renewal after a certain period of time is really important in this regard. After the registration only, Council of Architecture (COA) will allow the individual to use the title of Architect.

Functions of Council of Architecture (COA)

There are in total of 237 institutions that runs under Council of Architecture (COA). The education imparted by these organizations is really standard as per the architectural point of view. They are either deemed university , affiliated schools as well as colleges. The autonomous institutions under Council of Architecture (COA) have their goal and achievements. The regulation is passed by the council under which the eligibility criteria for admission, standard of staff accommodation, course duration as well as course content are set. The regulation passed by Council of Architecture (COA) is also been maintained by the institutions throughout the world.

The council also keeps a track on maintenance of standard of the standard of education within particular period. It is required by the officials of Council of Architecture (COA) to keep the central government aware of the standard and discipline of each institution. Inspection is laid down with the help of the committees existing in Council of Architecture (COA).

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