Central Hindi Directorate (CHD) Education Council

Central Hindi Directorate (CHD)

The establishment of Central Hindi Directorate (CHD) took place in the year 1960. An act was passed under the order of the president along with the special directives of constitution laid down in Article 351. There are different duties of Central Hindi Directorate (CHD) laid down by the committee.

Duties of Central Hindi Directorate (CHD)
  • Promotion and spread of Hindi Language by Central Hindi Directorate (CHD)
  • Due to developmental effort of the organization, Hindi must become as the medium of expression to individual in the nation.
  • Promotion of the culture of India with a rich base in Hindi
  • Enrichment and assimilating
  • No interference with regards to the forms, style and other language of India
Objectives of Central Hindi Directorate (CHD)

There must be certain objectives of the organization. Central Hindi Directorate (CHD) has an objective to make the Language Hindi as the medium of expression in the nation. This is done to preserve the composite culture of the nation. Correspondence courses are appreciated by Central Hindi Directorate (CHD) in Hindi language. The foreigners who are settled in India for trade or educational purposed are asked to learn Hindi through correspondence courses. Every year, Central Hindi Directorate (CHD) takes initiative to reach more than 10,000 students the particular language, Hindi.

Publications by Central Hindi Directorate (CHD)

The Central Hindi Directorate (CHD) is also having the objective of carrying on with publication. There are experts and scholars and experts and scholars in Hindi who prepared dictionary in Hindi. Due to this, people knowing English or any other foreign language will be able to get the translation to Hindi. Also the conversational books are prepared by Central Hindi Directorate (CHD) so that people willing to learn Hindi properly will not face any problem with this regard.

The Central Hindi Directorate (CHD) also has efficiency in extension programs. They organize study tour for students so that the foreign students can learn histories about Indian culture and heritages. They also provide the grants to research scholars who are working hard to provide a different standard to this language.

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