Bar Council of India (BCI) Education Council

Bar Council of India (BCI)

Formation of bar council of India (BCI) took place under the advocate's act 1961. The organization has various duties to perform. The main duty of bar council of India (BCI) is to lay down standard of professional conduct for advocates. Also the professional etiquette in an organization is provided with proposed standard. Enforcement f proper discipline and enrolment is one of the major responsibilities of bar council of India (BCI). Powers with regards to different perspective of life are advocated with a particular jurisdiction.

About bar council of India (BCI)

Like any other organization, bar council of India (BCI) has a separate legal entity, perpetual succession and a common seal. The organization has all the powers to acquire as well as hold property. The properties may be movable or immovable.

Functions of bar council of India (BCI)

The main function of bar council of India (BCI) is to lay down etiquettes and professional standard. The procedures are made by the organization which is followed by the disciplinary committee of each bar council. Another responsibility of the organization is to safeguard the interest, right as well as the privileges along with the interest of advocates. Support and promotion of law reforms is also one of the functions of bar council of India (BCI).

The matters arising with a deal and dispose are controlled by bar council of India (BCI). Promotion of legal education is one of the major responsibilities of BCI. Checking the education standard laid down by various educational institutions and universities can be regarded as one of the major responsibility of BCI.

Activities of bar council of India (BCI)

Conducting of seminars and organizing talk shows with regards to the legal matters is one of the activity associated with bar council of India (BCI). Publishing journals on legal topics and stating the actual scenario of the industry is spoken about by the eminent members present in bar council of India (BCI). Poor people also get a support of legal aid under the governance of this organization. Recognizing the foreign degrees and qualification is another activity of the organization.

The organization is a representative of policy making in the trade and commerce industry. All India Management Association (AIMA) is a professional body to undertake various regulations in different industrial standards. Some of the management bodies associated with AIMA is Council of Institute of Applied Manpower Research, Bureau of Indian Standards- New Delhi, Central Direct Taxes Advisory Committee etc.

List of other statutory Education councils in India: