All India Management Association (AIMA) Education Council

All India Management Association (AIMA)

The organization that is constantly helping young and experienced managers of the industry is none other than All India Management Association (AIMA). The managers are getting new opportunities to drive the way in every field due to their dedication in work and contacts through All India Management Association (AIMA). Entrepreneurs, scholars, businessmen from different parts of the nation are associated with this management body to assimilate change in global perspective. Also the growing Indian managers are provided with a great scope to become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Facts about All India Management Association (AIMA)

An apex body for professional management has been set up in the year 1957 with a support from Government of India. All India Management Association (AIMA) is the only organization that undertakes various steps with regards to development of industries and business in India. The body has an aim of pooling the management thought in the country. Establishment of ventures to appreciate trade and comer in India is another important fact associated with All India Management Association (AIMA). The organization has got right to affiliate much local management organization throughout the nation. Presently, All India Management Association (AIMA) has affiliated 64 such local management organizations.

Relation of other institutes with AIMA

AIMA has every right to provide affiliations to local management associations. Presently it has 64 such Local management associations which run under the affiliation of All India Management Association (AIMA). A close linkage with 30,000 institutions is maintained by the apex management organization. This is done by the network of local management associations. There are many activities which need to be undertaken by All India Management Association (AIMA). The national events, distance management education, publication and testing services, competitions etc are the activities of AIMA.

The organization is a representative of policy making in the trade and commerce industry. All India Management Association (AIMA) is a professional body to undertake various regulations in different industrial standards. Some of the management bodies associated with AIMA is Council of Institute of Applied Manpower Research, Bureau of Indian Standards- New Delhi, Central Direct Taxes Advisory Committee etc.

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