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A.Field description:

Business Process Outsourcing has become an important dollar earner for the Indian companies as many companies abroad offload their backend work to Indian arms. It refers to the outsourcing of business functions to achieve multiple benefits of cost reduction, enhanced quality and the capability to stress upon core competence.

B.Education Guide
  • Education Details & Eligibility:

To become a CSO (Customer Service Operator) one should have undergone training for the following.

  • Language training,
  • listening skills,
  • telesales etiquette
  • cyber grammar,
  • Call centre terminology.
  • interaction skills,
  • country based accent training,
  • basic telephone etiquette,
  • management skills and
  • Customer relationship.

These skills are generally provided by the company on the probation period which may extend up to 5-12 weeks.

Basic eligibility criteria:

+2 (Higher Secondary students) with any group as the major or diploma holders with excellent communication skills in English having completed any degree can choose a career in BPOs.

  • Course Duration:

There are no specific courses related to BPOs .The nature of work and skills differ among the various companies in the BPO Sector. Nowadays many private institutions also offer training due to the improvement in the BPO industries.
STI offers international certifications following a Web-based exam after completion of the course. The certifications are Help Desk 2000, Call Centre 2000 and Knowledge 2000 for all the three tiers that are the operators, managers and director. 

C.Institutions that offer this Education:

Some of the institutions offer courses in call centre and its related fields. For details, please visit

D.Job Opportunities and Job Roles:

A person who has completed the prerequisites in BPO training has wide opportunities in the following fields.

  • Telemarketing
  • As call centre supervisors
  • As call centre managers
  • customer relations
  • sales
  • Insurance sector.
E.Approximate Salary Range:

The salary can be from Rs.7,000 to Rs.13,000 for fresh Call Center Executive and increases with experience and knowledge.

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