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A. Field description:
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Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S) or in Latin, Medicinae Baccalaureus, Baccalaureus Chirurgiae,is the;first professional degree awarded upon graduation from Medical school in medicine and surgery by universities in various countries. The naming suggests that they are two separate degrees; however, in practice, they are usually treated as one and awarded together.

B. Education Guide
  • Education Details & Eligibility:

In many countries, the degrees are awarded after an undergraduate course lasting five or six years. In some cases, a graduate in another discipline may subsequently enter a special graduate-entry medical course, reduced in duration to account for relevant material covered or learning skills acquired during the first degree.

In some cases the old first year courses (for six year degrees) in the basic sciences of physics, chemistry and biology have been abolished, and that standard has to be reached by means of school examinations before entry. However, in most countries a newly-graduated Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery must spend a specified period in internship before they can obtain full qualification as a medical practitioner.

  • Basic eligibility criteria:

+2 (Higher Secondary students) with Biology group as the majors can choose Bachelor's Degree in medical Science as their career.

  • Course Duration:

Training in this field is available at a number of colleges and institutes all over India. These courses are offered at the levels of

The course duration for the various programs is as follows:

  • M.B.B.S (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) is around five + years.
  • M.S (Masters Degree in any specialization) is around two years.
Approximate Education Expenses:

The Total expense for doing Bachelor's Degree in Dental Science and its related fields are as follows.
M.B.B.S - Rs.60000/ per year - (5+ Years)
M.S - Rs.75000/ per year - (2 Years)
Bank loans and private loans can be easily arranged by directly contacting the banks through the college administrative.

Additional Skills:

A Doctor should also develop qualities like

  • Deep Knowledge in the field,
  • Good Diagnosing ability,
  • self-confidence,
  • responsibility,
  • caring nature,
  • good communication and
  • Counseling skills.
Higher Education Options:

After successful completion of the Bachelor degree, the options for higher education are plenty. A person with the above degree can opt for higher education in the following fields.

  • M. S
  • Master of the Art of Obstetrics (MAO).
  • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O. or DO)
C. Institutions that Offers this Education:

Almost all the universities and institutes involving Medicine offer Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery programs.

Some of these institutes are:

Apart from these there are many colleges offering these courses in Abroad.

D. Job Opportunities and Job Roles:

The fresh graduates/post graduates of Dental Science are generally employed in Hospitals/clinics (Both private and Govt.) as

  • Junior doctors
  • Junior surgeons (Or)
  • charitable institutions
  • research institutes as researchers
  • training institutes as teachers
  • Open your own clinic in a well-populated neighborhood which may give you good earnings as well as reputation.
E. Approximate Salary Range:

The salary can be from Rs.10, 000 to Rs.23, 000 for fresh graduates and increases with the persons experience and knowledge.

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