Kerala has commenced online classes for the students.

Updated on: Thursday, June 04, 2020

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Government of Kerala has commenced online classes for school as well as college students from June 1(Monday), to ensure that students should get back involved into studies, since it was a huge break due to COVID-19 lockdown. Higher education minister KT Jaleel has inaugurated the online class, who was former teacher turned politician

Earlier, a quick survey has been made by the education department to prepare a list of students who have computer,Laptop and access to the same at home for using the various platforms being employed to reach out to them.

Based on the survey, decision to begin online classes was taken at a top-level meeting by Education Minister C Raveendranath recently. The private schools has started online meeting classes using Webex, Google meet etc.,However, this move will help school and college students to make constructive use of their lockdown time,for teachers it will be a major relief since they may not have to race through the portions to meet the deadline. 


The KITE (KERALA INFRASTRUCTURE AND TECHNOLOGY FOR EDUCATION) has developed video content for the students. All the classes have been broadcasting on victers television channel run by the general education department. Initially the Government of Kerala has commenced online Classes for plus two with two hours duration. However all these will be available on online platforms.

The modules for different classes was prepared by agencies under the General Education Department such as the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT), KITE, Samagra Shiksha Kerala (SSK), and the State Institute of Educational Technology.

The students can visit the official websites of Victers and the website name is later the classes will be available on YouTube channel too.

However, these online classes will be a new challenge to the parents, like connectivity issues and in allotting separate device to the children and more over device issues.

Even though the new method of teaching and studying were stopgap arrangement, it will be a challenge to the teachers as well as students.



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