Career Option in Polymer

A. Field description:

Text Box:  A famous polymer scientist said: Chemistry’s most valuable contribution to us are polymers. The commercially most important polymers, Rubbers and Plastics, are everywhere arousand rubber and plastic nd us. A car has a few thoucomponents. Rubbers have certain characteristics important in engineering - they isolate vibrations, provide sealing against fluids, provide cushioning against mechanical shock (tyres), provide electrical insulations, convey fluids (i.e., as hoses) convey solids (conveyor belts), provide flexible couplings, transmit mechanical power as “V” belts etc. Their combination of mechanical properties is not available in other materials.

B. Education Guide
  • Education Details & Eligibility:

Diploma, Degree and Post Graduate degree programs are available.
Diploma in Polymer Technology (3 years after Std X)
B.Tech in Polymer Science & Technology (4 years after 10+2).
M.Scin Polymer Science/Chemistry.
M.Tech in Polymer Technology (entry for B.Tech Polymer / B.E Mechanical/ Chemical / M.Sc Chemistry / Materials Science) duration 2 years.

  • Course Duration:

B.E/ B.Tech. - Polymer Engineering - 4 Years
M.E/M.Tech - Polymer Engineering - 2 Years
The diploma courses vary from 1 Year to 3 Years based on the course.
B.Sc Polymer science - 3 Years
M.Sc Polymer Science- 2 Years

  • Approximate Education Expenses:

Course fees generally less than Rs 80,000/ per year.
(In Govt. Institutes it will be much less)

C. Institutions that offer this Education:

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D. Job Opportunities and Job Roles:

Due to abundant rubber and plastic product manufacturing industries in India, prospects are good. From industries making paints, coatings, and adhesives etc, rubber and plastics technologists are also needed in automotive industry to fix the design of the rubber and plastic components and for engineering R and D works. This is the best field for people with entrepreneurial tendencies as rubber and plastic product manufacturing is less energy intensive compared with other structural materials.

The initial salaries will be generally lesser than what the software industry will offer but with experience, the importance of the technologist will be felt more strongly, compared with software personnel and later, their worth will be more. Recently, some of the recruiters in this field are also offering initial salaries on par with software industries. Many software industries too will need polymer technologists with core experience in future. Candidates must be dedicated to this field, to succeed in the long run.

Further, rubber and plastics technologists can enter general management areas in other industries too due to their acquiring QC, HR, project management skills during their careers. Some of them can also become quality auditors, energy auditors etc.

E. Approximate Salary Range:

Tyre industries-generally Rs 20,000/ and above, per month, in the first year
Other industries - may offer starting salaries of Rs 10,000 to Rs 25000/ per month

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