List of Business Schools in Georgia

Business schools in Georgia

Business majors across Georgia are preparing to enter finance, management, or marketing roles across all the professional sectors, including information technology, health care, banking, world trade, and more. Many business schools in Georgia offer an extensive range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, certification courses, and ongoing training for those who want to guide companies here, in other states, or abroad.

If you're just entering the world of finance and management, consider enrolling in an associate or bachelor's degree program. If you're already working in an industry you love, signing up for a master's degree or master's in business administration (MBA) program can launch you into a more challenging, better-paying management role. Georgia schools in business also offer preparation courses that get you ready for professional certifications in health care, business management, and information technology--certifications that benchmark your skills for employers.

Business graduates pursue careers across the professional spectrum, including jobs as:

  • Accountants and auditors
  • Management analysts
  • Personal financial advisors
  • Health care administrators
  • Computer and IT systems managers
  • Advertising, marketing, and public relations managers

Earnings and Opportunities for Grads of Business Schools in Georgia. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 220,240 professionals worked in management occupations in Georgia in 2009, earning a mean annual wage of $99,180. The greatest number of management personnel (76,580 employees) worked as general and operations managers. Another 182,000 Georgians worked in the business and financial operations occupations, earning a mean annual wage of $69,080.

Here are 2012 mean annual earnings for selected occupations:

  • Sales Managers, $107,200
  • Medical and Health Services Managers , $85,490
  • Personal Financial Advisors, $94,960
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrators, $70,980
  • Accountants and Auditors, $69,890

Across the state, corporations, non-profit organizations, and businesses all need skilled, competent leadership. Explore how Georgia schools in business can prepare you to step up to management.

List of Business Schools in Georgia

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