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Can you belive that somebody's guidance will change your entire life?, but that's what happend in my life. When I came out of college in April' 2001, I had a professional degree with very good score, sound computer skills with real-time project experience, good communication and analytical skills. No wonder I was dreaming that once I come to Chennai I would get a nice job in MNCs and get handful salaries.

Recession & September 11th attack in New York devasted the economy of entire world. I could hear only "lay-offs" not "openings". I submitted my resume in many companies but called for an interview in very few companies and they also demanded for 1 - 2 lac rupees as deposit. Almost two yrs I spent in attending interviews and nothing was working.

I tried all the options to get a job but no luck, I didn't know what to do...I could not afford money for food & accomodation...I almost lost everything in my life except confidence...always wisper the words of Shedd, "A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for." to warm up myself. I promised myself I won't go home until I get a job.

One of my friends suggested me to approach Studyguideindia team. They clearly analyzed my strengths & weakness and gave a health report. As per their report, I was sound in professional side but my stratergy of getting a job was wrong. They guidanced me that rather than looking for a job in technologies like .Net or Java where more knowledge pools are available, look for rare technologies where you can hardly find people and Datawarehousing & BI were the hot technologies during those days.

So, I got proper training in one of those technologies and made myself a master in that. StudyGuideIndia team helped me to get in touch with veterans in Datawarehousing and got their suggestions. They directed me to approach the right people where the openings are there and I got a job within 2 months. Now, I am working as a Technical Architech in a MNC and living the life which I dreamt during my college days. Can you belive that somebody's guidance will change your entire life?, but that's what happend in my life.
Thanks !!!
All the best to all!!!!

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