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Subtitle: A separate system of academics with UK government

The government of UK is responsible for establishing various kinds of educational steps in the society starting from the primary level to that of the advanced studies. In this particular country, the education system is sub divided into various categories such as primary education, secondary education, further education and higher education. The children who are within the age range of 5 years to 16 years of age would be admitted in the primary as well as secondary section of a particular educational institute.

Categorization of students with key stage

Also there division is made with regards to the key stages. For example the key stage 1 would constitute the children within the age of 5- 7 years, key stage 2 would include the children with an age boundary of 7-11 years of age. Again there is a key stage three which would include students within an age limit of 11 to 14v years of age and the key stage 4 would be for the individuals with regards to the children within the age limit of 14 to 16 years of age. It is quite easy to tackle the students who are within the key stage 3. The students with the age limit of 16 years would eventually make a great effort to pursue their goal when they are in a process of obtaining the general certification in secondary education. According to UK Education System after getting this certificate, students are now free to move towards the next higher level of education. Just after completing the higher studies they are free to move towards the working world.

Further education in UK

An individual who have finished their secondary education would definitely wish to do something good to make their career focused. This is a stage when the individuals would decide the particular field and the perspective college in the particular discipline. Higher education would be a step higher to the further education as per UK Education System. This is the most vital area of an individual who have got an aspiration to go ahead with the academic background. The higher education system in UK is really very fascinating as the individual would get good scope after making the effort really successful. There are also scopes for the international students. Most of the international students can get a direct entry to various schools and colleges.

The requirement for entering into the education system

The entry would eventually need an individual to explain his level. In each level of UK Education System there would be different requirement as well. People would be really satisfied as soon as they get a wonderful entry in the well known organization. But it is essential to take the credential of an individual which would include the certificate of the previous year’s examination. An individual have to complete the certificate of secondary education in 5 or 10 different subjects. People take the Scottish Qualification certificate offered by Scottish qualification authority. There are wide ranges of subjects which have to be met out in a particular discipline. Entrance of the students in the college is also possible. There is also an age limitation of the students to get into various courses. Each level have to be passed through scheduled examination.

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