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Subtitle: Removal of rigidity in all the education systems by means of Internship Programs in Canada

There was a time when the educational institutes are focusing on the theoretical knowledge only. The knowledge of theory is really individual for all the students but with theory, the application of practical is also equally important. After getting out from a studentís life, individuals would definitely think of working in the particular industry. People of that particular industry would definitely want the newly recruited individual to perform the practical action. Internship Programs in Canada is important with the view that, a student would get full exposure of practical life while pursuing the particular program. The Internship Programs in Canada can be in different subjects and different universities. For example, if an individual have really done a great job in medical science with regards to his theoretical knowledge, he would be given a position in a hospital for being a medical intern. Here he would get all the practical experience of how a doctor communicates and make their patients free from disease.

The programs connected to Internship Programs in Canada

The specialization in an internship program would be dependent on the individual who takes the program in their degree. The fields in which an individual can carry on with the internship program would include technology, medicine, environment, humanities etc. The duration of Internship Programs in Canada depends on the course under which an individual would they have done the degree program. Generally the program duration would range from one month to two years. More time an individual can give in an internship program; more can be his experience with the practical world. In many cases, the interns are absorbed by the organization in which they are working due to their excellent performance.

The requirement for the students to enroll in internship program in Canada

If an international student wishes to apply for Internship Programs in Canada, he must have a work permit from the particular organization. A Canadian student can carry on with the internship program without much difficulty. The next step for an individual from outside nation to carry on with internship program is to get a social insurance number. This has particular criteria which depend on duration of work and nature. The salary cannot be credited by the employer unless he receives the number from an intern. Internship Programs in Canada would be equivalent to work. Thus, before accepting the offer, individual needs to read carefully about the basic rights which he would be getting while he carries on with the internship program. There is an employment standard act in which the employee will receive the minimum wage, standard working hours and the safety measures within the organization. It is important for all the international students to get a higher education of at least 8 months. The employers have to confirm to the Canadian government that there is no citizen of Canada who is skilled to get the particular position which has been offered to a foreigner by a Canadian employer. This is mentioned in the guidelines of HRSDC

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