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Subtitle: Private and public institutes and colleges associated with education system in Canada.

The private schools as well as publicly funded organizations are in ample that deal with education system in Canada. This category would include career institutes, schools, colleges, universities, summer camps etc. The provincial responsibility of Canadians would be education. This is the only way through which the Canadian government has made the nation popular in the world. The standard of education with regards to education system in Canada is uniformly high as compared to the education systems of other nations. Canadian children are seen to attend the classes in kinder garden when they are 4 or five years old. They have to study in the same standard for one or two years. The government of Canada would allow the children with 6 years of age to enter into grade one. Generally the session starts in September and runs through the mid of July. There are many educational institutes which would have their start up season in the month of January.

Secondary schools- education system in Canada

After passing from primary schools, children make a step high by choosing the secondary schools. The grades go high up to 11 or 12 standard which also have got connection with the province. There is vocational education system as well as French language studies as per education system in Canada. All the schools and colleges have got a common fact in their mind, i.e. quality education. The education would be not so strict for the primary as well as secondary education group. Teachers are really very friendly with all the students who would never scold or beat the young ones. The practical applications are shown by the teachers which win over the heart of individual teachers.

Education system in Canada- high quality education

In many cases, you will not find the official ranked of the educational institutes of Canada but an individual who has already enrolled in the particular institute would definitely get the best education in the world. While an individual would choose an organization in Canada, it would be really important for all to concentrate on the size, location and type of institution. There will be situation when an individual would need a particular subject or program. With regards to education system in Canada it is not possible for all the institution to keep all programs for individuals. Thus, it is important for all to have a view of all the colleges and universities available. Getting the desired program under education system in Canada is not very tough task.

Government intervention in Education system in Canada

The authority of separate institutions in Canada remains in the hand of provincial government. There are ministers of education who takes care of education system of a particular type of institutions and schools that gets operated within a particular jurisdiction. Small committees are formed which are known as board of education. This particular board takes care of the particular education system of individual schools and colleges operated under education system in Canada.

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