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Subtitle: The responsibility of education gets confined with the government of states and territories.

The funding for education is provided by the government of the nation which regulates the funding of private schools. The public universities are funded by the federal government but have got no rigidity in setting up the curriculum. Generally, the government of Australia follows three tier systems which would include secondary, primary and tertiary education system. The program would also involve the assessment of international students. As per the evaluation in the year 2006, the country named as Australia is rated among 6th in reading and 8th in science.

Compulsion with regards to Education system in Australia

Government of Australia has made a compulsory education for all the individuals who are within the age range of six to 15 years. The government is really concerned about Education system in Australia. An individual with the family members would come for admission in the particular course. The representatives available at various places would definitely make an effort to check the age of enrollees. Within the Australian Qualification framework, it would be important to post compulsion of education would be vital. As per Education system in Australia, the authority has got unified system of national qualification. People can easily avail various types of education system with regards to voluntary education and technical education. There is a variation of an academic year in Australia with regards to various states and institutions.

The academic year in Education system in Australia

For primary as well as secondary school, the tenure of education would be more than for those who wish to avail advance education. The sessions can start from late January, early February and the mid of December. There can be slight variation of inter term examination with respect to Education system in Australia. There is also a particular rules and regulation who wish to get acquainted in preschool. Children who are regarded within the age of play group would not have to study under the compulsion of Australian government. The education level in preschool is really different from that of middle school or higher schools. In the places like western Australian and Queensland, the education of preschool is regarded as among the one within the primary education. According to Education system in Australia, these preschools are generally run by territory and state government. Only the places such as New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia are run by the local councils. Also the private organizations and community group are seen to make an effort in operating the preschool.

Education system in Australia as per territorial legislation

The government have a strict advice for all the parents in Australia for not to provide extra stress of education. The date of birth of a child is checked repeatedly just for getting the idea that the child is from the play group age or within the age to pursue primary education. Till seventeen years of age, it is mandatory to get education from reputed school and college. A small portion of students are home schooled.

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