Scholarships for Researches

Updated on: Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Scholarships and facilities are the motivating factors for scientists who have involved in Research in India. The fact those young scientists have flown to abroad, thereby creating to the issue of brain drain attracted by these factors.

To rectify this to a remarkable extent Indian Govt on Tuesday announced an increase of more than 50% in the fellowship amount.

The Government aims to encourage the scientists to involve in more research to take the country in a better construction path.

The ministry of science and Technology visualized that nearly a lac of science schools will be benefited by announcement. The monthly fellowship of Research associate II shows an increase from Rs.24000 to Rs.40000. for research associate II the amount as increased to 38000 from 23000.

Rs. 14000 is increased from Rs.22000 to Research associate I for senior Research fellow there is an increase of 28000 from Rs.18000 for Junior Research fellow the amount is increased from 16000 to 25000/-.

Besides House Rent allowances (HRA) medical benefits will be applicable as per the central Govt norms. The norms of lost institutions. Whichever applicable, entitlement for travel by AC-2 tier or AC-3 tier depending upon the category of research fellow/research associate will also be available to the young scientists? It is also reported the maternity leave for woman candidates also. To avoid delay in processing the Government has proposal a web based fellowship. Assessment and disbursement mechanism.

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