Huge spending by Indian for Education from Foreign Countries

Updated on: Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It is obvious that Indian students are rushing to abroad varsities in search of quality educations irrespective of botheration of huge investment. The reason is the top Indian Institutions failed to offer quality education and they failed to take of their positions in the list of global Institutes.

The analysis from Tata Institute of social Sciences and Industry body Association referred that around $ 6.7 billion, in Indian money wire Rs.45000 crores is spent by Indian students to study in foreign universities.

It is not the surprise that the raises are spending huge money to educate their ward in abroad, but also middle class. The analysis cireastically referred,  “While the much taught IIT have an annual enrolment of 10,000-15,000, focused only on the brightest of the bright, not a single great. Worldwide patent has emerged, not have they produced a single Nobel Laureate.

It is clean the Government is investing thousand of millions rupees in to their establishment and up keep.

The study reveals that India ranks amongst the worse in terms of patents and new start-ups in technology and innovation. It seems that even small countries like, Italy or Finland are  doing better. It is also commented that we still don’t have a single equivalent of a Google, face book, Microsoft or wal mark or a Nike.

There are many reasons for these occurrences. The qualified people from IIT, once left for abroad are not returning back. It is brain drain and the knowledge what they received from this soil is not used to build up our country.

More over the investment on research in India is low. 90% of the state and central funding simply. Spent in paying salaries and overhead with and building new infrastruction. The political Interference became a meager in this land and the unmodified outdated syllabus; teachers make the condition still work.

The report condemns the approach of UGC and AICTE not involving themselves in possible innovation and new ways of thinking. In our country, the report says, that subjects like, sciences and Engineering are treated as ancient history.

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