A Hospital by Madras University

Updated on: Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Prof. R.Thandavan, the Vice-Chancellor of Madras University told the University has more than 5 medical related departments on the Taramani campus of the University. He said that there is a needful a full fledged hospital to conduct full time research to conduct full time research. The University is now planning for more than 160 beds hospitals here Mr.Thandavan said that this proposal will be taken to the Government shortly. The entire proposed is in the stage of planning. The university had recently opened a clinic on the University’s chepauk campus with a doctor and free paramedical shop. This arrangement is helpful to provide immediate medical attention to students and faculty.

According to the VC the proposed hospital at Taramani will have over the beds and function with 2457 especially medical care. Besides providing medical facility to staff and students this hospital will service for public also. The university’s Taramani campus has number of departments including anatomy, endocrinology, pathology, genetics, bio-chemistry, pharmacology and environmental toxicology, physiology and national centre for neurotoxicity to assign drug department.

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