Fathers job for married woman

Updated on: Thursday, November 13, 2014

So for, regarding the companionable appointments will not be given to married woman because they are not considered to be dependent once got wedded.

Justice Hari Paranthaman in his judgment said making son and daughter on the ground of marriage is arbitrary and violation of fundamental right to equality.

The questions, after this much long years in an interesting case in Madras High court is; A son of a deceased Govt employee is eligible for job though he got married, why not for a married girl.

They should be any discrimination between a son or a daughter on the ground of marriage; The case is based on a sort filed by P.R.Renuka, whose father worked as an office assistant is Animal Husbandry department died while in service in Feb-1998. He has to left  his wife, 3 married daughter and also an unmarried daughter.

Renuka is the eldest daughter and they had been deserted by her husband, and was living only with her father and the time of his death. She claimed job under compassionate grounds. She also submitted her divorce decree as on September 8, 1999. This claim was rejected on Sep-16,2002 stating that she was not eligible for compassionate appointment because she was married.

The authorities referred that her divorce was only after one and half years after her fathers death. It is also quoted only an unmarried daughter or one who is divorce at the time of her father's death is eligible for appointment under compassionate wards.

The judgment says that the marriage is not a base in the case of son, the same yard still state be applied on the can of daughter also.

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